Globe / delayed delivery of handset - application for recontracting


I applied for recontracting thru Globe Hotline 211 after mu 2-year contract for Globe SuperUnli 599 has already expired. Expiration was Feb 15, 2013. I started applying since Feb 17, but since the handset I am looking for is not yet available, I waited and waited until I got tired of waiting for almost 2months. I chose a different cellphone that was available when I called last April 2. My application was processed that time. The agent advised me that processing time for areas outside metro manila is 5-7 working days. Supposedly, the handset was delivered last April 12. But until now, the handset is not yet delivered. Eight (8) WORKING DAYS had passed. I am calling tye hotline almost everyday, and sometimes even multiple transactions per day and still my request seems to be sleeping over someone else's table. Many false information had been given to me regarding the schedule of delivery. Many supervisors even promised "special delivery" and still I am waiting. Some agents promised to waive my bill if at their stated date of delivery, the phone won't be delivered. three said the request was approved but still, only one processed the request. I think the Globe call center team are only naking fun of my application. I am serious regarding thuis matter. I would like to request for their termination!

Apr 24, 2013

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