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Globaltelink / pricing/practices

1 United States

This company has the monopoly on telephone service to and from jails throughout the Country. Their pricing is astronomical. When pre paid on a credit card, they charge the cardholder an activation fee, EVEN after you have an acct. set up. On top of that, they charge a connection fee for each call AND the minutes dwindle quickly from the INFLATED cost of calls. $25.00 can be used up in less than ten minutes. On a collect call they also charge a connection fee. I have considered calling Dateline or 60 minutes do do a story about them as I believe the pricing they are allowed to charge should be illegal. It's absolutely absurd. Innocent people, guilty people, people awaiting trial...anyone incarcererated has the right to speak with family and friends...excpect family and friends quickly stop phoning becasue they CANNOT afford their prices...Must be deregulated. I could go on and on about this company, but suffice it to say, they are the ones working the sytem and I believe the system is working with them. Someone must have gotten paid real well under the table to have allowed this to happen.


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