GlobalHelloupdate charges

M Oct 27, 2017

I am a customer of GlobalHello with my login ID [protected] from New Zealand. Today I got a call to keep my account up and running for which I have to do the update of my account with a recharge of $20, which I did as there was almost a $100 left in my account so I dint wanted my account to close automatically. The person calls from your centre and asks me to do the update for $20 and they actually deduct $30. I got a verification call (from Mahi)as well in which I stated the amount as $20 not $30.As you guys maybe aware that you guys deal in USD not NZD. So every extra $ you charge me is actually much more than a $.

So I would want to get a refund of this amount anyhow. I don't know how your system works, I want the refund.

Earlier in the year as well, I was charged a $100 and was not refunded back that money and was forced to use the recharged amount. This time it's serious money matters going on on my end. So I want a full refund.

Himanshu Gupta

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