GlobalHellofraud and cheating

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I am customer of Global hello. I bought the plan on 6 Feb 2017 from my agent name priya. she gave me deal 0.2 cent per minute for India calling plan. I have paid US $100 for this plan and she gave me 50, 000 mins for unlimited period. But on 22th of July 2017 all of the minutes were finish when I tried to make a call to India. The voice message said that I dont have enough sufficient minutes to make a call. Then on 23rd I message that my minute has finish so she told me that she's going to check and let me know. But she didn't response me back regarding this. I waited for a week thinking that she might email or ring me regarding this matter. when I didn't heard anything from her so I rang the globe hello company customers support center. The support centre said that they will get hold of the agent as soon as possible and will keep in touch with me about the result. I rang them more than 20 times but still till now they didnt inform me or email about anything. reference number RF925395438. They already blocked my account as well Login No - [protected].
In my experience Global hello company is a fraud company. they are not even providing good service to the customers. The agents are cheating with customers. The customer centre are not providing any result about your query if they really know what are they suppose to do the right thing right way then there wont be any complaints. They are not doing the right thing the
right way. Important messages are not been pass to agent if they cant handle the situation right way then why they open the centre for. If there's the good way to solve the customers need then we are happy to contact the agent directly. They just wasting customer time by holding them. As soon as they received the money they forget about their responsibility and doesn't care about the customers.
so please people be aware don't buy any service from Global hello.

Sep 20, 2017

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