GlobalHellocalling service to india and the gulf


The team contacted me and offered me cheap calling to India and Dubai. The service worked fine until a few weeks and then they called back saying the amount on the account is empty.

To I responded saying show me the call records and I will buy more minutes from Globalhello.

They gave me a link which showed my call records for 15hrs approx and was missing 20 hours which I had already paid as a pack.

When I tried contacting them they said we will get back in a day or 2, but not heard from them.

They would also get the line disconnected splly on weekends. The whole week the connection is fine and then the representatives call asking for some referrals even after telling them I have none and then you get the gift from the company which is they disconnect you line for next 24-48 hrs and you spend more time trying to contact them. instead of talking to your loved one's. This has caused so much stress and so much loss of money.

Please do not fall for this company they are a big fraud.

Globalhello/ helloworld they go by both the names.

The names of the rep's: Simran : +[protected]
Anmol: +[protected]

May 06, 2017

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