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Global Tel Link / Theft and ignorance!

1 Po Box 14Wilton, IA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 563-343-5014

This is the second time in 2 months that money has been "missing" off the payment my boyfried made. And hes not the only one in his facility that it happened to, all on the same night. They wont listen to him about it, and when I call them, they tell me they have no idea what Im talking about. that an inmate cant put money on their account, yet their web site has it all listed out!! what can we do to get the compensation we deserve? I work hard for the money i send him, and pay them plenty in their fees!!!

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  • La
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    I think that we should all go to our elected officials and complain about this horrible company. I'm personally tired of hearing that GTL will call me back within 2 hours, and that my phone number is in there automated call back system. I've tried to send money through western union and what to you know it has gotten lost. I was also given a fax # to fax my reciept 1-866-441-7285. It didn't work, it said it wasn't received. I think I'm going to start by calling my state representative and complain to him. Whatever he tells me to do next then I'll do. Hopefully if enough scammed customers complain something will be done. If anyone agrees please let me know.

  • Ti
      19th of Oct, 2008
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    FRIENDS AND FAMILY FRIENDLY OPTIONS - Prepaid vouchers can be sold via the facility commissary system. Therefore, inmate friends and family can deposit money into the commissary account for the purchase of prepaid vouchers.

    LESS MANPOWER REQUIRED - A system administrator will not have to enter debit account deposit amounts at the workstation. By having the inmate "cash" the voucher, this responsibility is shifted to the inmate.

    NO THIRD PARTY - The system runs on Global Tel Link´s platform with no third party involvement necessary. As a result, Global Tel*Link does not need to rely on a third party for any aspect of the program ­ including the printing of prepaid vouchers.

    SECURITY - Prepaid vouchers can be thrown away after being cashed at an inmate phone. Unlike similar programs, inmates do not have to retain actual cards that can be stolen.

    RECONCILIATION REPORTS - Since the prepaid voucher or debit method programs runs on the Global Tel*Link´s platform, LazerPhone® provides detailed, accurate reporting capabilities through the reconciliation reports to manage the Prepaid Debit and the KEEP IN TOUCH Prepaid Voucher programs. These types of reports can be printed via the facility LazerPhone® workstation.

    This information came directly from their website...

    Is there a possibility of your misunderstanding somethin? Because I am confused of your true issue.

    And regarding the individual that western union payment was missing: What information did you provide on the Western Union form? GTL does service county facilities as well as state prisons, so the information provided on the form will determine which system the payment actually posts to.

  • Lg
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    For Tiffany I have paid with my debit card and they still said I did not pay After me looking at bank statements which showed they were paid is when they admitted to having a system problem on the day of payment. so if they loose payments through debits imagine western union or anyother payment method. bottom line they need to be shut down

  • Mi
      6th of Jul, 2013
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    I have given $25 to accept calls from niece. I had one 7 minute call and now i am empty. They say $6.25 fee and $2.5 surcharge per call to accept and then .89 a minute. I have 2.80 left but not enough to accept a call! So they just keep it! Unearned!Thieves! that got a contract through bribes. This a license to steal and take advantage of a bad situation. I am certain when an investigation is complete, the people making the $ are guilty of bribery and the people that accepted are guilty of selling out their office. People should absolutely go to jail on this.

  • Gt
      25th of Feb, 2014
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    I have spent so much on phone calls with this terrible company. Even bought
    A phoe number through them which was suppose to help save me money in which
    It did not. I recommend getting a google voice # it is free!
    I have a $13 balance an.
    the system says i have insuffient funds to
    Accept the call. I called the company and a Ignorant agent by the name
    Of Peter advised me it maybe a "glitch" in their system ringing my phone!
    Therefore making it appear as the inmate has called many times. I was told i had
    To wait 24 hrs and here we are 24 hrs later and still the same. This is the second time.

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