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Global Tel Link / stolen payment, unethical, uneducated "reps"

1 Mexico City, United States
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Absurd company, horrendous service, and blatant stealing. I buy the one vanilla pre-paid cards to make deposits to only the phone account. I deposit the money using the automated phone system they have. Common sense dictates that if someone is using a pre-paid card, then there is a pre-determined amount of money on that card. Therefore if I put $20 on a card, then deposit $15 onto the phone account for my phone #, my balance should not be.14 cents on gtl. My horrible experience began when I called, and got "oswald" from india. I explained this process to him, and that the funds did not reflect on my account, however the payment was taken off my card by gtl. His response? "oh, I see it here, but it's"pending status"so there's nothing I can do". I then asked what is the hold up, it's been 2 hours, the money has been taken off of my card, but you haven't posted it yet, why is that? Oswalds response? "looks like it was processed twice, so it was declined the 2nd time, this is not our fault, you have to call your bank". Needless to say I already called the # on the back of the card (Customer service rep was amazing), she explained that each transaction has an authorization # associated with it, and that global tel link would/should be able to see that the transaction they were seeing was clearly the 2nd one (The one they tried to process twice). She went on to explain that if they has any idea what they were doing, all I had to do was give them the first transaction # & authorization code (She confirmed that the payment was in fact released & gave me the authorization #), and the money would have hit my account within that very minute. Called oswald back, he refused to stop talking, interrupting every word I said in horrific broken english, he refused to listen to the common sense instructions I just received from the card service rep hat he asked me to call, so I asked him to stop talking, and get a supervisor on the phone. 45 minutes later, still nothing, no supervisor, no one telling me what the hell was going on, I hung up. It's been 24 hours now, and the rep I just got from gtl was as incompetent as oswald. She began repeating the same script oswald did. I finally stopped her, and asked "what country are you based out of" she says "united states", I said "#, now tell me what country your operating out of, where are you located right now?" she finally says "oh, right now mexico city". I just laughed. Yesterday I got oswald in india, today I get some lady in mexico city, oddly enough both countries can see my money, both confirm my deposit, the amount, even the card I used!!
But neither can tell me why it's not on my account, or where exactly the money even is. Stop telling me it's in "pending status", that should not be the case, and stop telling me to call "my bank", they confirmed the error was due to gtl trying to process my card payment twice. I even gave you idiots the authorization code from the issuing card! Now, after looking into these idiots @ gtl I find out that there are literally thousands of complaints. Why & how the hell are they allowed to be the only provider for jails? Who do I need to contact to get the process going to replace these idiots? This company charges different amounts with no guidelines on "why" this is done, the connection sucks, people are being hung up on, billed wrong, and literally being stolen from... Robbed, then insulted by their rude, illiterate, condescending, employees who aren't even citizens of the country their servicing!!! This is illegal. I don't give a # who is getting rich from this, bottom line is if everyone just stops using them, they will have to change, or get a new provider. I've never experienced this kind of incompetency with any company ever. I will make sure I get my money back, I will make the calls necessary to get the process started to shut you # down everywhere, and I will be sure to make the general public aware of all of this. Local news stations live for stories like this. I have all the recorded calls, the screenshots of the monetary differences, the "holding" of peoples money, and the hundreds of complaints already made by others. Bucks county correctional facility will not have gtl much longer.

May 8, 2017

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