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Global Tel Link / Dishonest phone service

1 Houston, United States Review updated:

Fort Bend County Jail has reported that they do not cut off phone calls in progress, but rather have specific time periods that the phones are turned on for inmates to make collect calls and pre-paid calls to private phones. Most of the phone calls I have received from an inmate over the past (11) eleven days have ranged from 1-4 minutes and my party and I have been abruptly disconnected within that time frame. I spoke with a very nice representative of Globel Tel Link, Mobile, Alabama 6/10/08 (one representative of rare good service with this company) and she informed me of the rates per (15) minutes, (15) minutes being the time alloted for each phone call. Yet, we rarely were given the full (15) minutes talk time before being cut off, and it wasn't the County Jail who activated this. While 4-6 minutes of talk time costs almost as much as a full (15) minutes, we are not given the opportunities to talk the full time. This is theft by time.

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  • Me
      20th of Jun, 2012
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    EVERYONE!!!... There appears to be a common theme of complaints regarding Globel-Tel across the globe. Perhaps everyone should join together and get a petition together to be filed with the FCC and also sent to all of your elected officials. GTL is governed by the FCC and even though those ### are all getting a kick back they still can't ignore their Constituents who have banned together to demand that GTL improve their services or get them the hell out. On top of that a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT should be considered where you demand they pay back all the monies they have stolen from friends and families of those who are forced to use their services because GTL has monopolize the Correctional Facility Phone Systems. Put all your energy into giving these Crooks a royal smack down. Additionally, the other scam they have going is if you use like say Google Voice to have access to a local number and forward that number to your phone, they are causing these calls to be dropped or have faulty connection. When you report it they act as though they are going to resolve or fix the problem but their scam is to keep this going until you get frustrated and have your love ones call your long distance number so they can now charge you for the those long distance calls. Don’t give into them……DEMAND that GTL be held responsible ….they are commenting a serious crime…. They the executives of GTL should all be held accountable and SERVE PRISON TIME FOR THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIONS…….

  • Ja
      27th of May, 2010
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    Globel TelLink - Horrible Customer Service
    globel tellink
    United States

    BEWARE... this company is a rip off..they are quick to take your payments, but are to greedy to refund or transfer balances, they have lots of b.s. and no respect for you or your loved ones.stay away, write its cheaper .. i can"t believe this place is still allowed to operate and not in jail themselves...

  • Zo
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Maybe should pay your bill on time next billing cycle? I don't understand how this is a complaint? Its a weekend. Maybe waiting for a check to clear??

  • Jo
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Globel Tel Link - payment not credited
    globel tel link
    1 maple ave
    New York
    United States
    Phone: 631-730-5227

    paid the bill 8/05/09 my phone is still blocked as of 8/08/09.. my husband is upset we cant talk .. we need to talk... thank GOD i ws able to visit him today.. waiting for my phone to be put on... mrs gamble very upset

  • Da
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    Globel Tel Link has the most horribly rude employees! I was speaking with a loved one in a facility in Spokane, Wa. We were cut off for the use of three way. I NEVER used three way! I was on a cell phone, with a bad signal. It took me hours to track down numbers to talk to customer service, and then they told me it was my fault for using three way. I am angry with this company and our govenment for contracting such a poorly operated business. My children, could do a better job!!! Globel Tel Link is a joke!

  • La
      13th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Globel Tel Link is the worst. They only stay in business by, sharing the savings they are obtaining by not employing a customer service work force, with the institutions they service. Please complain to your institution about this service, it stinks!

  • Ta
      29th of May, 2008
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    Global Tel Link - Horrible Customer Service
    Globel TelLink
    Box 173875
    United States
    Phone: 800-231-0193

    They took my money from my card. 25$ and set up the wrong account. Once I realized that my husband was still unable to call. I call them back and they tell me that I have to have 50$ on the account to activate it. I give them 25$ more dollars to activate the account. He is still unable to call. I call them back again oh and each time that I call the agents are rude and I am ALWAYS left on hold for a long time. So once I have the 50$ on the account my husband is still not able to call. I call Globel Tel Link AGAIN. This time I am told that the account was set up wrong again. So now I have had this account for about a week and my husband is still not able to get through. So I call Globel Tel Link AGAIN. This time I want to cancel the account and I get a different story each time that I call them. They told me that I could set up the correct account with the 50$ credit that I have on my account. I say "no" to that I want my money credited back to my Visa. I was told that it would take 30 days to get my money back on my VISA. I feel that they are scammers to get the money and it takes forever to get my money back on my card. Meanwhile I am still not able to speak to my husband. THIS PLACE SUCKS DON'T USE THEM!!!

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