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hello im antarpreet singh and i am living in australia. i used global hello service from australia to india and i suggested lots of my friends too. my story is i recommended global hello service to one of my very best friend's gf over to canada. she wants to talk to his bf to dubai. rakhi global hello representative talked to me and explained me a plan which is according to her is if i pay 117 american dollars in that she will give me 18000 mins from canada to dubai for 6 months but after 650 mins the operter says that you dont have a enough credit. when i call rakhi about this matter she explained that you can only get this 650 mins only from canada to dubai. i asked her what about 18000 mins and she replied i never say this. when i remembered her their words she says sorry i made a mistake. rakhi says she explained me a wrong information. now i want my money back or i want 18000 mins from canada to dubai. if this not happend i will go to social media and will profe global hello the power of a customer. i want my reply very soon with a possitive results.

antarpreet singh

Jan 25, 2017

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