GlassesUSA / eyeglass lens package was not filled correctly

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I ordered frames and the progressive lens package with anti-reflective coating, to include a light gray tint. What I received was ALL WRONG!!!
The tint was too dark, the anti-reflective coating was not included on the lens, and the visual prescription was totally off. After returning the eyeglasses twice, the anti-reflective coating is still not included on the eyeglass lens. I am convinced that there is no intent to provide the product as I have ordered and paid for. I wanted to return the eyeglasses for a full refund and was told that I had utilized all return options and nothing else could be done. The eyeglasses are un-wearable because of the glare seen on the inner lens and the prescription was checked by my optometrist who confirmed the eyeglasses are not filled correctly. I WOULD NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN AND RECOMMEND THAT YOU NOT EITHER!!!

Sep 23, 2017

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