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Almost 6 weeks later, I am still trying to get a credit card credit or a pair of glasses. Additionally, not only will they NOT issue a credit card credit, forced a "Store Credit" and now they arbitrarily REDUCED my "Store Credit" for no legitimate reason other than to take advantage of a customer. NEVER AGAIN. DO NOT USE THEM.

Parent Company - Optimax Investments Company - Tel AVIV company - USA locations

This is for information only, I have nothing against ANY foreign companies doing business in the US. I just thought you should know.

Please read all the reviews, especially the negative ones about not getting a refund. They do not want to issue a credit to your credit card under almost any circumstances. READ ALL WEBSITE INFORMATION VERY CAREFULLY. If you need bifocals or Progressive glasses you can almost be assured to have problems. They will only issue store credit - which forces you to buy something from them or forfeit your entire purchase price.

Bi's and Prog's require an Optometrist and/or an Optician to correctly measure not only your prescription but measurements needed to correctly fit your glasses. Without those specific "frame determined dimensions" you will not see correctly, you will try to return glasses, get a store credit and around and around GlassesUSA will take you.

Did I mention that you should very carefully read their website information because they WILL use it against any attempt to get a credit on your credit card.

There are dimensions which absolutely require the exact FRAMES in order to measure the height of your eyes in reference to the frames. GLASSES USA not only minimizes the importance of some dimensions on their website but they don't even mention others. Then you order, send them back, get issued a credit and on and on it goes.


Jan 21, 2018

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