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Glamour Shots Perimeter Village in Dunwoody Atlanta Area / Over priced expensive packages, High Sales Pressure Tactics, Deceiving Groupon Deal, Violation of Privacy of Clients, Dirty Floors

1 4709-A Ashford Dunwoody Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338Dunwoody, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (678) 710-2556

I'm very dissatisfied with Glamour Shots. I bought the $19 deal for
Glamour Shots from Groupon that includes make up and hair, 2-3 wardrobe
changes, 40-50 shots, one 8x10 print and one DVD slide show. This is
ONLY a good deal as long as you purposely shoot in 1 outfit only, and
are very decisive about the 1 shot that they will give you as a 8x10
print. Do not otherwise bring more than 1 outfit to shoot in or let them
talk you into shooting in more than 1 outfit or in shooting in a wrap
that they have in their studio. Otherwise, you will end up with a bunch
of beautiful photos taken by them that you may not be able to afford or
willing to pay for once they present their overly expensive photo
packages that they will attempt to pressure you to buy.

Be prepared for
them to super pressure you into buying their expensive photo packages
and over flattering you with a ton of compliments in order to stay on
your good side. Their packages range between the least
expensive $330 after taxes for a CD of low resolution/low quality photos
to $600-$5, 000 after taxes for very few prints offered in their
packages and some of their specialty frames. To pay per image instead
of buying one of their over priced packages, it's $69 plus taxes (around
$75-$77 or so after taxes) for a single 8x10 print or for two 5x7
prints of the same image. They know that most people are going to want
their nice looking photos as without a doubt the photos they take look
great but are way over priced. They will offer you an in-store credit
line as well to add extra pressure to getting you to purchase their
expensive photo packages with only a few prints. I have gotten excellent
photos, prints and images out of local photographers and photography
studios for way lower prices with tons of prints and images. I
didn't expect this.

I left there feeling awful after spending 4 hours
there to get the photos taken. You have no privacy when they go over the
photos with you, as anyone can walk by and view your photos on the
large TV Screen used to present your photos on the wall! Even the
employees will walk by and comment. Worse is, you don't know who else
is seeing your photos when you aren't there, as they did not hesitate to
pull up other clients sexy Boudoir photos right in front of me on the
screen during my session with them in which we were supposed to be going
over my photos but we were interrupted by another employee about
another client's missing photos! They kept asking me, well if
you can't afford the packages we have than how much money do you have?
What the heck. They wouldn't even tell me what the package deals were
before having me pick out photos because they want you to pick out as
many photos as possible so they can try to sell you as many of the
expensive packages and prints.

At the end of the session I had to walk
away from all my gorgeous photos (and they were fabulous for sure with
the hair, make up and outfits I had) as I couldn't stomach the thought
of paying so much money for so few prints knowing that I couldn't even
make extra copy prints later, as they make sure to discourage any photo
copying being done at walmart or walgreens because they water mark any
prints with their huge logo all over the prints. So you won't be able
to make copy prints for cheaper else where at all.

slideshow is worthless too as I found out from some other clients after
my photo session that the photos on the DVD have their huge logo all
over them and the music in the DVD slideshow is awful. Also you can't
request any prints to be ordered once your DVD and 8x10 arrives by mail
as they tell you they delete all your photos unless you purchase one of
their expensive packages from them. All these pressure tactics to get
you to cave in to buy their expensive packages.The floors are
dirty is what I discovered once they had me lay on the floor to shoot in
a wrap (because I told them that I didn't have any other outfits I
wanted to shoot in after my second outfit). Very gross and

The very sexy photos they took of me in the wrap and my
bottoms on their filthy floor somehow came up missing by the way, and
when I asked them about them they tried to brush me off quickly by
telling me that they will contact me as soon as they locate those
particular photos. They never contacted me about it. Being that Glamour
Shots owns the copyrights to all photos unless you pay $140 per image
to own the copyrights and images on CD, they may be selling the sexier
images anywhere online!

One of my outfits was sexy and they failed to
tell me that they had robes and gowns in their dressing room (which I
had no access to because they only have 1 and another client was in it
forever, so I had to change cloths in their restroom which had no
hangers or shelves to put my wardrobe and other stuff). So I was
exposed to others. They also gave me a print out of the images from my
session, it included lingerie pics of another client!

Feb 4, 2014

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