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Worst customer service I have ever come across, not a hint of concern that I was having a problem with their service.
Due to problems with them being unable to access the images I uploaded, I had to upload them 3 times in total (483 images). I had to chase them up to find out where my prints were each time, only to be told that again they had a problem with them. On the final time of uploading I was told they were with "pre press" where they were for 5 days despite me asking them to put some priority on my order.
In all it took from the 26th June until the 21st July before I received my order.
The print quality is mediocre to say the least, & after I "centred" each photo I got back 15 with peoples heads cut off or limbs missing. I also ordered six 7x5 prints & received 2!!!
If you are thinking of getting prints by these people then can I say that there are other printing services around, and I advise you to use them!

damaged order at delivery

I ordered two pictures 16 by 20, the first one out of the box was great but the second one was crushed, it...


Bad quality

What high quality do they talk about in their ads? I didn't notice it. I needed them to print a picture of...

extremely slow service

Their delivery service is extremely slow and there is no way to cancel order and get a refund! I would not recommend this company 1clickprint to anyone, they will give you nothing but headache.
I made my order in mid October and just received my order. I was supposed to get it till Christmas! I am very disappointed that I did not read the reviews and used this terrible service, they are the worst company I have ever deal with!

almost a month and still no delivery

In July I have ordered a canvas from It was written on the website that the delivery...

still no delivery and I can't cancel the order

Avoid the company I bought 2 canvas and phot blocks from them, but I placed the order 3...

they failed to deliver my order

I sent photos to the website and asked to print them out and made canvas from one of the photos. I got the reply that my order would be ready within 10 working days. After that I heard only fake promises about the delivery and that’s all. Blah-blah and they ruined the present, which I wanted to give to my husband birthday. They are unreliable and unprofessional, so please stay away from them and post comments.

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    anona97 Dec 11, 2014

    I ordered on this website a month ago after seeing some good offers online. I was given an estimated delivery date which was around a week after my order. The following week I went online to check my order and much to my excitement I saw the estimated delivery date had moved forward by 2 days which was great. I then went to check the day before it was due to be delivered and it had been pushed back to the original date. Annoying but fair enough. I then kept track of it every day and every single day I checked the date was pushed back another day, then another, then another, etc.
    I sent several emails and was just given excuses...we're really busy, it will be posted tomorrow (but it wasn't), etc, etc. I never even once received an apology by email.
    Then I had a search online for their company. First off I found no end of bad reviews which was rather annoying. Then I found a facebook page where several people had posted comments that they had ordered after me and already received their orders, and also several comments saying they had received their orders well before their estimated delivery date.
    I went online to check today and surprise surprise it had been pushed back yet another 3 days. Despite the website saying it had been printed...strange. So I decided enough was enough I wasn't letting this company keep my money for the appalling customer service that they were offering.
    When I rang to cancel I queried why other people had already received when they had ordered after me and they used the excuse 'sometimes orders fall out of the queue' reason as to why or no offer to sort the problem out. Just yeah have your money back.
    I've never in my life experienced customer service like theirs.
    Keep your money. Spend a little more (there are still fantastic offers on other sites) and get better service and quicker delivery. Don't shop here.

    Also since cancelling i left a review on their Facebook page which was deleted and theyve blocked me from their page.
    For anyone concerned its well worth reporting them to action fraud and trading standards may be worth a call aswell.

    But just remember if you're reading this before buying, dont do it!

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  • Pr
    prip Feb 06, 2015

    After placing order, I haven't got any feedback until next 15 working days. I send many emails to get update on my order status. None of them replied till now. Called customer service and every time they said my order will come in next 2-3 days. That never happened. So I decided let me be firm and call last time to get my order or else request refund. This time customer service has promised and send confirmation by email about the delivery date. I got canvass picture which is not very good quality-wise, it is much darker than original image. I feel like money is drained in to the sink. My advice is not to go with this company at all.

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they didn't deliver order and their tracking number was useless

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