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I would like to share my experience about this site ...its a total fraud and unprofessional website ... i have booked my stay in Dubai through them and when i reached Dubai after taking long flight i came to know that i dont have any booking with them and than i ended up calling several calls to this site and every time they put me on hold and paid for all these calls from my pocket while my fone was on roaming and than after almot 3- 4 hrs struggle n several emails/calls some one from this site called me and said they have arranged me alternate hotel so i should go there as they are waiting for me. I requested them to provide revised booking email or confirmation on which they said dont worry they are waiting for u short i went there but ended up in huge disappointment that they didnt recieve any email or call from this site and they are just making me fool so than i decided to go to my friend home instead of waiting for them or wasting my money in calling them... dropped them email for thanking them to make me fool again... In short around 11 PM late night i recievd a call from them when i was about to sleep that they have arrange another hotel for me which is almost 30 km away from the hotel i booked anyways this time they emailed me revised booking so i went to hotel n checked inn around 1 AM in the morning after wasting almost 10 hrs... They send me applogy note and said they will refund me one night money which i didnt recieve yet till date i guess this was again part of their plan to make ppl fool

never trust this site and dont rely on their rates ... this is my sincere advise to all travellers

Jan 28, 2015
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  • Je
      Jun 03, 2015

    I booked 2 rooms with them and canceled in plenty of time and we are going on 3 weeks and I have still not received my money back and they are coming up with every excuse in the book as to why the should not give it to me when I have emails and a cancelation number proving that I canceled on time and both room SCAM ARTIST

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  • Ch
      Dec 31, 2016

    This company "get a room" is a boiler room for hotel fraud. I made a transaction with this company by telephone dec 2016. The person i spoke with requested way more personal information than was needed to make the booking i did become suspicious when he asked me for my social insurance number. I became defiant and he refused to complete the transaction. I asked for a supervisor and it was at this point he decided to complete the transaction. I was informed the transaction was in canadian dollars as instructed by the operator. When my statement of account arrived it was in u. S dollars and i had to pay the conversion rate at the cost of an extra 103 dollars. The cost of a hotel room for 8hrs $500. Dollars. I called the company "get a room" their response, "get ####ed".
    This company is white collar crime at its best. Lets shut them down or at least destroy their income capacity to a bare minimum. I will find out who owns this company and take it from there. It's time to put a stop to this unlawful practice and stop the hiring to this academy of crooks. My advice do not book with "get a room" then get screwed"

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