Georgia Power / power outage of exterior lights # 1-14 @mays high school

Atlanta, GA, United States

My complaint involves a community/public related matter not my residence. The exterior lights of Benjamin E. Mays High School located at 3450 Benjamin E. Mays Drive Southwest Atlanta have been out for almost a month and during that period of time senior citizens directly impacted have been calling and pleading with Georgia Power to please fix the lights. Until this week, each time we called we were told that they were putting in a new work order?! This, despite the fact that we have been calling for weeks. This week we were told it is a transformer but they do not know how long it will take to fix. We have not been able to convince Georgia Power or the school administration that this campus serves a vital community need and one that is not being addressed in any other way. We, the impacted senior citizens, range in ages from 60 to mid-eighties and suffer from everything from high blood pressure to leukemia. We drive to the campus to walk and get exercise early in the morning before traffic gets too busy. Despite the pitch-black darkness we have continued to walk in groups in an effort to get exercise and promote our health; however, it is extremely distressing and mightily disconcerting that we can get no one at Georgia Power who is in a position of authority to listen to us and care enough to help us by making repair of this problem a priority. This is a serious matter involving safety in the community and our good health! Also, summer school activities are ongoing at this school. Thank you.

Jun 18, 2017

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