Georgia Power / behavior/negative representation of the georgia power company

Date of Incident - 03/15/2017

- I own a small retail store in Augusta, GA in which we are a subscriber of your services. In almost every encounter I have ever had with Georgia Power, I have been treated with the utmost service and respect. However, today while I was the provider of services, assisting my customers with the best possible service, I was met with a challenge.

One of your Atlanta Area employees traveling through Augusta, GA, called my retail location from your company provided wireless phone (404.680.9606) to place a personal order. We gladly accepted his order and prepared it for his arrival (which he indicated would be around noon). He placed the order under his name (Dwight Stephens). My employees began to fill his order; however, he arrived prior to 11am and the order was not quite complete. Given this it became obvious that Mr. Stephens was annoyed/unhappy that his order was not ready. We completed his order and he proceeded to check out. Upon check out, Mr. Stephens expressed his dislike for our charge for an additional fee as his order was a special order and required additional product to complete. After the charge was explained to him politely, he expressed his anger and dislike of the charge. He went on to express how he drives in from Atlanta and that his money is important and we did not want to loose his business and that we were not aware of his importance. This behavior and tone that was not anything reflective of what any Georgia Power employee has ever handled me personally or professional as I am a customer in both categories. I only write this compliant as Mr. Stephens was wearing the Georgia Power branding/logo, badge and he called from the Georgia Power wireless phone number.

As a customer that spends an average of $2500/monthly, I would be appreciative to receive the same level of care and consideration by any member of the Georgia Power organization whether I am the customer or the vendor as I am sure you all have corporate standards/policies to guide your employees on appropriate behavior when representing Georgia Power as well as when it is appropriate to use company time/resources to complete personal agenda.

I apologize for the compliant; however, as a business owner and consumer, I would want to be alerted when my business was not represented in the manner that matches the standards that I know Georgia Power strives to attain.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Mar 15, 2017

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