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We have been a loyal customer of gm vehicles since 1991 including:
1991 gmc jimmy
1995 yukon
1998 suburban
2002 yukon
2003 silverado
2008 tahoe
2009 sierra
2012 gmc acadia denali
2016 gmc canyon

My husband and I currently own and drive the last two. I am writing about my experience on dec 14, 2016 with the 2012 acadia with 102k miles. I was driving on the interstate in nc at 70 mph-at the speed limit (In left lane) when the control panel suddenly indicated an issue with “traction control” and “reduction in engine power. ” I had no ability to accelerate, but fortunately brakes and steering remained operable. There was a tractor trailer truck on my right and another truck following closely behind me. Fortunately, I was able to get to the breakdown lane without incident and then realized that the car was inoperable; it would not restart.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Detroit, MI After a harrowing 3 hours waiting for aaa (Well into darkness) I was towed about 60 miles to our home area of raleigh nc. Long story short, we learned that the timing chain was at issue and the engine needed to be replaced. The service center was able to locate a rebuilt engine with zero miles, however the final bill for repair was $9000!!! We learned that there has been a technical service bulletin (Tsb) issued for this problem, however no recall. Per the technicians, a recall is only issued around safety. We had even purchased an extended warranty but learned that it would not cover a tsb. When one is driving the speed limit on a major highway and the engine fails, how can one possibly conclude it's not a safety issue???
What is our recourse?? We are at complete loss and feel fortunate only in that I was not maimed or killed. Please help. Copy of repair receipt (4 pgs) enclosed.
Pat o'quinn

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Jan 16, 2017

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