General Motors2011 chevrolet traverse

I am making this complaint about for the 3rd time to general motors about a vehicle that I purchased that had several mechanical problems since I purchased.I tried to speak to repairs from several mechanics, the service department and have reveived several diadnostics about issues. Some tepairs were made and some were overlooked. The most important problem was the transmission. SIX months after I purchased the vehicle I noticed thete was transsmission problem snd a problem.with the communication/sensors with the car. I have spent money while during my warranty on rrpairs rentals because the cars mechanical problems and I also putchased another gm car which is a 2016 Chevetloet Impala. My car is currently not running completely because transmisdiln and engine provlems. I am requesting that GM contact me about the last complaint whi h was not ig ored and look at the history of repairs and complaints. I respectively ask to fix my vehicle or reimburse me for repairs made, my down payments and monthly payments. I am paying monthly paymenta of 580
00 plus 350 a month for a car that has been having serioys probl since the first year about. Iam disabled and currently not employed I habe waisted money and time on a vehicle that was not worth the money.I stilll have 16000 more dollars to pay on car thats not worth it. Cheverlot and others business would not reliance the car or trade it in bevause of the repairs and the money owed. I feel like aGordon Chevrolet nows the cars was a lemon and took advantage of my situation. I will in the next 30 days will be gatbering all rental receipts
And documentation of repairs and complaints about tthe vehicle

Jan 17, 2017

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