Geek Squad / service plan-unauthorized withdrawal of funds

Lowell, AR, United States

Jan 7, 2017 geek squad sent an e-mail stating they had renewed my plan and withdrew $32.24 from my account to cover the charges. I did not authorize this withdrawal. On jan 8, 2017 I called geek squad to cancel the services and was told the money would be reimbursed within 1-2 days. Wrong!!! I called back and was told the amount would be reimbursed within 10 days which I waited until jan 23, 2017 to check my account. No reimbursement. I called geek squad on that same day and they informed me my bank was at fault because the deposit had been made. Just to assure my bank was not at fault, I called them. No deposit was seen; only the withdrawal. I called geek squad back for a 4th time, ask for proof of reimbursement and they said they could not give me proof and for me to check back in 1-2 months. How stupid do they think I am. How many times do I have to be lied to before geek squad quits screwing up. Is there anyone in geek squad that really cares about it's customers and can or will resolve the mistake they made? I've never had this kind of problem before with any company on reimbursing my account for one reason or another. It seems my next step is to contact the better business bureau. I did not get the names of the contacts at geek squad but I have 2 of 4 case #'s which are [protected] and [protected]. All I want is my money reimbursed and I promise never to contact geek squad again for any reason.

Jan 25, 2017

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