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Montreal, Canada
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Phone: 5147469474

I have a Samsung side by side fridge bought Oct 2015 and it stopped working since June 6 - I called to get an appointment for a technician and they send me technician on Friday. I already lost 3 days here without a working fridge...
the problem with my fridge was that temperature was going up and down, the technician opened it and told me there is a computer issue, I don't know what he did with my fridge that since Friday after the fridge stopped working completely and I had to plug it out. It's now Summer and I live without a fridge, I already lost all the foods and meat I had in my fridge, they told me they refund me 200$, but this is not covering half of what I have lost..Plus since I am not able to but anything so I have to keep eating outside.
I have two elderly people at home 64 and 67 years old and they cannot eat restaurant food due to a diet they have, now my father is sick! I have no cold water at home no food. today it Monday, I called the customer service first in the morning, they agent told me he will call me in the afternoon, he didn't call me So I had to call again and wait another 30min while I am at work! the agent told me we call you tomorrow and let you know what will happen... Is that fair? how can I live for now it's a week and I don't know how long more I have to wait to get my fridge back! and 200$ is not enough at all Plus my father got sick! who is going to cover all these damages that I gain so far?
I am sending you this if you can do something and expedite this process and cover up more of the damage I gain..Or I will follow this through some other official channel to submit a complaint to court.
thank you for your understanding
Zeinab Firouzimehr

Jun 12, 2017

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