Geek Squad / google pixel 2


Geek Squad has provided the worst service I have ever experienced. Not only do they not care at all about their customers, their staff provides inaccurate information. My google pixel 2, which I bought at Best Buy in Feb 2018, died in Oct 2018. I filed a claim thru Geek Squad, who assured me I would have a new phone, or an e-gift card to purchase a new phone, within 5 business days. 5 business days have passed and i have nothing. I was told after 3 days that I would be receiving an e-gift card. I haven't received it. Geek Squad cannot and will not contact the department that issues these gift cards. They have no interest at all in helping. It is the worst service I have ever encountered and they only thing that Geek Squad can guarantee is that they don't care about their customers at all.

Oct 26, 2018

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