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I made 3 payments in one month to pay off my account. My statement showed no payment was due when it came in. I had a tragedy happen in my life that month and did not make a payment. I knew I had a 30.00 balance on my account and would pay it off the next month. I went to go make my payment and they had charged me a 28.00 late payment fee. I contacted the company and they say they do not allow pre- payments. Care Credit Card is not a bargain and I recommend for people to go without than to deal with these scam artist.

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      Mar 24, 2009

    I agree that the this company's customer service (non-exsistant) is one of the worst that I have ever encountered with any business. I have a government purchasing job and I do a hell of a lot of business with online vendors and customer service representatives and I have never, NEVER, run across a company with such a rude, non-customer friendly, in your face attitude towards the very people who keep their butts in business. How freaking arrogant can one CEO and customer service manager be towards their customer's???? It's a damn insult!!!

    First Complaint: I made a payment of $225.00 which reflects as "posted to my bank account" on 16 Mar 2009, meaning they have my payment money there. Now, here it is 24 Mar 09 and it still hasn't shown up on my account and these idots are telephoning me because I haven't made a payment, WHAT????. What the hell does the accounts receivable accountant do around there all day? Who the hell is posting the books?? This is totally unacceptable business accounting practicies in my estimation.

    Second Complaint: I have tried for 5 days straight to contact GE Money on the phone to pay off the balance and terminate my account with this irresponsible company. It's next to impossible (if not impossible since I've never been able to reach a live person) to get to talk with a customer service person. If someone knows how to get past the damn automated telephone system to talk to anyone, I'm open to suggestions.

    Third Complaint: I've tried and tried to login to my account online and the stupid thing say "The information you provided doesn't match our records", Imagine that?? Let's see, my SSN, my telephone number, my date of birth hasn't changed in 50 some odd years, how the hell does it not match their records???? How about unqualified employees doing the data input?

    At first I thought I was just getting all steamed up over nothing, then I went to the complaints page and low and behold, there's many more customers experiencing like problems with this company.

    This is totally unacceptabel to me as a customer in good standing. This is how people's credit gets stained and their score get dropped. All because some incompetant, uncaring companies like this one think they're too damn good to answer a phone and personaly take care of customers. How Rude can one company be? GE Money obviously doesn't care if they drive away a customer?

    I will be paying off the charge I created for the purchase of a new set of tires and then I'm going to cut there damn card in such small pieces that it'll look like sand.

    If GE Money cares anything about keeping repeat customers, the first thing they need to do is rip that damn phone system out of the wall and throw it in the dumpster, the second thing would be to fire the customer service manager since they obviously haven't got a clue as to what good customer service is, and get back to the basics of good ol' person to person customer service. And lastly, get rid of the CEO and the accounting manager and get someone in there who is customer oriented.

    I highly recommend that if any of you who are considering financing ANYTHING with this company and you have any other alternative at your disposal for obtaining credit for your purchases, use it! Stay the hell away from these people and let their stupidity and their beloved phone answering system sink their own ship.

    A Highly Dis-satisfied customer!!!

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