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GE MONEY / Customer service left me in a state of panic and upset!

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I came into contacted with GE Money through a car finance deal i took approx 11 months ago... even though at the time i was aware the monthly payments were slightly above what i could afford on a monthly basis, my eyes were bigger than my bank account and i took the finance.

Some months later, I contacted GE Money to explain I was finding making payments on my account increasingly difficult and asked my account manager if she could suggest any means for me to over come this difficulty. I was met with a simple ‘no’. I tired to explain to her that this would not help the situation for anyone however she did not see fit to look into the matter.

Eventually I was able to gather the money to clear the full amount on the loan and contacted GE Money by letter,to advise them of same and that they would have the balance of th loan in full in approx 2 weeks, to which i got no reply.

No more than one week later I received a letter from GE Money stating my agreement was terminated. I contacted my account manager the next day querying this letter. She told me that because I was in arrears this letter was sent to me. I asked her why I was not contacted to advise me that regardless of my clearing the account in a matter of weeks this notice was going to be sent to me. I can only say I got no satisfaction from her. She continued to speak over me and did not give me an opportunity to air my grievances over the matter.

She even went as to query where i was getting the money from to clear the account and asked me did i expect her to believe i was in fact going to clear this account. I was gobsmacked... i could not believe my ears... i ended the call and was left in a state of panic and upset.

I have since cleared my loan with GE Money and can only STRONGLY recommend that regardless of how much you love your new car/ tv or whatever it is you crave it is not worth your sanity by dealing with GE Money!

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  • Am
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    GE MONEY - Unnecessarily asking for money!
    GE Money
    United Kingdom

    I planned to purchase a laptop from eBuyer and took the "buy now pay later" scheme. I applied for credit via "Able to buy" and incidentally it went to GE Money. When I got the terms and conditions I decided not to sign the agreement and canceled my order with eBuyer. Now the interesting bit, 9 months on they are still hassling me to pay money and sending me statements which I shouldn't be receiving as I have never taken any credit from them. They are continuously hassling me and sending me statements showing overdues, late payment charges etc.

    Honestly, I would NOT RECOMMEND anyone to even think of applying any credit card, loans etc with them.

    *** BE AWARE***.

  • Jn
      13th of Nov, 2007
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  • Mo
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    DO NOT get credit through these people. I have never had such a bad customer service experience. I have proof of each time I've sent a copy of my cleared check and they still tell me I've never sent it and they can't post a payment until I send it. Not to mention they don't know what they're talking about. One rep will tell you one thing and another will say something else. I had a rep tell me that they received my payment and the site just needed to be updated, then I called later, and was told they never received my payment. I've filed a complaint with the BBB, which coincidentally they didn't respond to until I filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

  • St
      22nd of Dec, 2007
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    I recently purchased a motorcycle for my son in Jan. 07.When we purchased the motorcycle we were told it was a fixed paymentof 69.00 a month no matter what.Well that was not the case.We were 2 days late with the 1st payment and then our payment shot up to 129.00 a month.I could not afford that. So we got further behind on our payments.When we got to a point when we got the account up to date we were told that they would reinstate the promotional rate and give us the 69.00 a month like it was agreed. But that was a lie also. We keep getting harrassed everyday about making that payment that we cannot afford.When I called and talked with customer service about it, I was first hung up on, then I called back they put me on hold forever so I hung up and called back.I talked with another customer service person and he told me that if I make the 129.00 payment the next payment would most definitely be 69.00. although that was not the case I received my next month statement and it had increased to 166.00! So I called again about the payment, the person I talked with told me that whatever I was told was not true,but I know what this person told me.I ask him was their phones not monitored? He said yes and I told him he needed to go back to that day and listen to the conversation.He refused.I have never been so rudely spoke to and harrassed by this company.I will tell anyone I speak to not to use a credit card from them. They are liars and thiefs.I am currently seeking a lawyer about this,because it says on the back of their statements that if you are not satisfied with their services you may not be liable for any remaining balance on the account. And that is for sure!!!

  • Sa
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    On Sunday 10/02/2008 around 1400 hrs I applied for a finance option “Buy now pay nothing for 6 months – Interest Free” at Comet store (Lakeside Retail Park) for a HP Laptop pricing around £755. The finance got declined straight away. The sales person gave me a leaflet for credit history check through Experian. I am already registered with Experian and have my credit history details with very good credit scoring and with no negative issues and missing of any payments. But still I was declined with GE Capital.

    According to Experian I have right to ask for explanation for the reason of this decision. Can you please give details of your criteria and why I was declined?

    The above appeal letter was sent to GE on 15.02.07 at address APPEAL OFFICE, GE MONEY, PO BOX 109 LEEDS LS27 0BD given by GE customer services on phone. But have no reply from them. Then i called customer services again and they said that i sent the appeal letter to wrong address. They gave me another address.
    Again second time i sent the letter on 27.02.08 at address GE MONEY, APPEAL DEPT, TRENT HOUSE, TORRE ROAD, LEEDS, LS99 2BD given by customer service but unfortunately no reply from the Appeal Department. I again called customer services spending so much money on 0870 number and this time i spoke to a gentleman named SAM (SANCHIT) in the call centre. He said i have again sent the appeal letter to wrong address and gave me new address GE MONEY, PO BOX 700, LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE, LS99 2BD.

    I am very very dissappointed that i have been misguided again and again by customer services. I didn't expect that GE will have such unprofessoinal customer service with cannot give correct information.

    Now this will be the third time i am sending the appeal letter on 19.03.08 and i hope i will not be disappointed this time and will get back appropriate and quick reply. Otherwise i will have to take legal steps against GE Money.

  • Mi
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    Their credit methods are no different than anyone elses. If you didnt get credit with them, then file a dispute. And get over yourself.

  • Na
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    I just had a terrible experience with GE call centre. I set up a direct debt last month through their call centre but was surprised because the money was not taken from my account to pay for my BHS card. When I phoned them a guy there accused me of lying, although in not so many words. He refused to put me through to his manager saying that there is nothing to discuss. This is the most unpleasant conversation I had with a call centre in my life.

  • St
      22nd of May, 2008
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    I've never had nay dealings with GE Money and never will. They are absolute loan sharks. People are just asking for trouble getting involved with them

  • Ru
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    very hard time trying to reapply for credit this sucks

  • Mi
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    GE Money - will not accept payments
    GE Money
    South Bend
    United States

    Purchaased an airconditioner through a local company who finances through GE Money. Credit Card was for 12 mos no interest. we recieved our 1st bill and that was it. we called GE monthly asking for statements and each time they verified our address, ss# and personal info. 8 months later we still ahve recieved no bills. contact the company several time and they stated our address was incorret-not ture if they verified this previouselu. we are now approaching out 12 mo limit and the will not bill us, thus GE will now be able to bill us for the back interest rate. Hire a lawyer i did!!!

  • La
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Ge Money Bank – Violates Fair Credit Billing Act

    FTC fair credit billing act

    File a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission so they can go after them

    Also file complaints with the Office of Thrift Supervision

  • As
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    CONTACT NO: 9825382415



  • Li
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    The same thing happended to my husband and I. We took out a loan for a motorcycle for low interest rate. Missed one payment and interest was raised to 26.99%! Paid off the loan with another loan that was lower interest rate. During this time I noticed that GE had been charging my account $99 a month for Debt Security. I did not notice this on my statements (my fault) as I paid online each month. When I called to question them about it, I was given the run-around and transferred to three different departments. They stated they could prove I enrolled as they had my signature. Funny how my copy of the contract shows this line BLANK! I emailed, faxed, sent letter showing this as proof that they illegal charged my account and requested a refund for $1, 700. Needless to say, they are ignoring my requests for a refund. I am now forced to retain an attorney to settle this.

    Had I known that GE Money was the bank I would not have done business with them. This company is notorious for unethical business practices. The customer service reps are rude, but that's company training. Their business ethics leave little to be desired. Unfortunately, GE MOney preys on those individuals that might not be able to get a loan from a more reputable company with better business ethics and customer service!

    I will keep you posted via this website on outcome of this situation.

  • La
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    They ripoff their customers by violating the Fair Credit Billing Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • Ke
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    GE Money is a horrible company to deal with. When you call you are hold for a long time. When they do answer, you get someone from India who doesn't speak good enough english to hold a conversation. When you ask to be transferred to a state-side english speaking person they oblige you but you are on hold for a long time. When you finally get the "friendly American" they simply say "NO" and tell you they can't help you. Horrible company to work with. No matter what kind of load you are in need of, go anywhere else. Do NOT use GE MONEY or you will pay ... literally.

    I had a 0% 4 year loan. Because of a President's Day holiday my payment was processed one day late. The penaly? 29% interest for the next 30 months plus if you don't pay your newly escalated monthly payment it will cost you a cool $39 for the priviledge.

    Just say "NO" to GE MONEY.

  • J
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I've had issues too. They kept giving me the run around. I asked for the contact info for their headquarters, and would only give me a PO box in El Paso. I asked were the customer service dept that I called was located, and they said it was in Arizona. Fine. I just researched myself and got the contact info. The legal dept is also located here if you want to file suit and serve them.

    G E Money Bank Headquarters
    3135 Easton Turnpike
    Fairfield, CT

    (203) 373- 2211

  • Ki
      29th of Nov, 2008
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    GE MONEY - customer service rep.
    Sams Club
    United States

    I received a call from a GE Money Customer Service Rep. I had been late on my payment but I was making the payments every month. She was very rude and informed me that if I was late again my account could be turned over to a lawyer to be taken care of, then she hung up before I could ask any questions. Can they do this, I understand I'm late sometimes but I'm in the same money troubles as the rest of the world, my family is now having to live paycheck to paycheck, can this company sue me even if thay are getting there money.

  • La
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    File complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    GE Money abuses its customers. And you have to report them so the US Government can go after them.

    If you are paying they cannot sue, they can try - but if you show up with proof of payments made even late - showing you have been paying it there is not much they can legally do.

  • Ma
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    GE MONEY - item paid being charged again
    select comfort
    United States

    i purchased a sleep number bed in may via my credit card i recieved a bill in sept for 0 balance i owed 38.00 which i paid the 38.00 went to credit
    in october i discovered a new charge had been applied to my acct which i did not make
    after calling g e money and sending a written complaint i was retaliated with my walmart credit being lowered and a letter going to equafax
    i have worked all my life for a good credit rateing and i know this bill has been paid off i would like my statements from june, july and august sent to memy select comfort # is6034623316502836 much appreciated margaret hayes 600 red lion rd phila pa 19115 apt n2

  • Jo
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    GE Money stands for Get Everyone's Money. One rip-off nasty company. They are out to loot customers and destroy their credit scores. I wish the lawmakers of the land could close down these unethical companies, rather than support them with more money from the taxpayers aka 'stimulus plan' or TARP. Just as I hate nationalising any business, it pains to see a group of rip off companies thrive on unassuming customers and then ask for taxpayer money when they are in trouble themselves.

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