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Ge Money Bank / Walmart Pre - Paid Cards / unlawful charges

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As i was watching an advertisement on the local television channel, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a GE money bank card. No overdraft fees, what could be better?Please friends, let me explain to you the havoc that I have had with Ge bank. When I first purchased the card I made a 15.00 gas purchase. When I checked my balance a few days later, I was informed that the retailer automatically charges 15.00 for any debit tranaction and it would be refunded within 4 days. This was not a problem, however I would have had liked this information to be clarified in the contract or some type of document. I then beagn to think about the struggling economy and the single moms who would have needed that 15.00 to purchase food or milk for their babies.
I was informed there was no way this money could be refunded, I was told that once my personalized card was recieved, i would no longer have a problem. When I recieved the personalized card, I decided to deposit my payroll check onto the Ge money bank card. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE !!! After noticing my balance was negative, I called the customer support center. The center's calls are handled out of India, so it is very difficult to understand the representatives. I was informed that a representative inadvertently spelled my last name incorrectly and due to this errror, my card was blocked, I must fax documents with a copy of my driver's license and SS#. I did this three times only to be told they did not recieve it. After the fourth time, it was confirmed that the fax machine was in need of repair. At this point I had been on the phone for 3 hours. I asked if everything was ok, and was assured the funds would be on my account in the following morning. I checked my balance the following morning but was informed that the block was still on the account. I requested a supervisor who informed me once the block was lifted, I would have to activate the card and the funds would be placed on the account. However, she would disable the card once the funds were removed. After activating my cards, my balance still indicated a negative balance. When asked to speak to a supervisor I was transferred to Customer Support to Lost Management 6 times for an average of 2 hours on the phone. I Began to think someone was playing a cruel joke. I had three supervisors place me on hold, then simply hang up after waiting 20 minutes for each one.Each time I was told I was in the incorrect department and assured that the supervisor would hear my concern without disconnecting the line. After the 8th hour a supervisor informed me that although the block was lifted, when the deposit was madethe block was on the account, therefore the funds were rejected and would not be returned to the payor until 2 business days. I then called my payroll center who advised me that it will be a 50.00 fee for a reprinted payroll document in the form of a check. I was devastated. I was then charged a 3.00 fee for a card that was disabled.

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  • Jo
      1st of May, 2009
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    And to think, all this could have been avoided had you just paid your old bank the money you owed them for your bounced checks/overdraft fees. Then you could have continued to use a real bank.

    COuldn't have happened to a nicer person

  • Cb
      12th of Nov, 2009
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    OMG; the same thing similar happened to a friend of mine. She received a 50.00 card from a co-work for food b/c she was having hard times. When she went to the store to purchase the food using the card was blocked. She called the number they told her she had to wait a 24hr period before using the card. The cashier had to cancel the translation and she went home w/o. She tried to call the number on the back but the center's calls are handled out of India, so it was very difficult to understand the representatives. She came to me for help, I called the 1-866-633-9096 # and I couldn't understand a word she was saying, we were going in a circle for 1hr. At that time the Lord spoke to me and I gave her the 50.00 to buy food and didn't think of the tires I need for my car. That's why I don't deal with walmart b/c I could not believe it. Walmart rip her out of 50.00 b/c the money never came on the card.

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