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GE Money Bank / Business practices

1 PO Box 96001Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:

In February 2007, I found myself unemployed for a short-time. Long enough that after a few months I wasn't able to make payments to my debts, almost even losing my house to foreclosure. I finally got a permanent full-time job, making sufficient wages versus the part-time job and temp jobs that I was working. But during those dark times and lack of funds I supplemented my income using Payroll Advance companies, which I got into heavy, up to five loans.

In February 2008, I wrote my creditors explaining the outcome and the need to eliminate my dependency of the Payroll Advance companies. I promised to make a $10 monthly payment, in good faith, till I was out of the Payroll Advance clutches. Aspire Bank discharged my account to zero balance, immediately. The others didn't care less. Then in May 2008, I obtained a loan to pay off my creditors.

Each creditor was connected to settle for a lesser amount in order stretch out the loan money. HSBC was the only company to fax me a copy of the agreement and completely closed my account after receiving the payment. Applied Bank turned me over to a collection agency (PRS) and I was forced to deal them. PRS agreed to a lesser amount but would not fax a copy of it. CitiFinanical submitted a check to Applied Bank for what was listed on my credit report. I was told that by law they are to reissue me the almost $400 difference. I even call PRS again to confirm agreement. The check was sent out to Applied Bank, but they credited the whole amount of the check to my account. Currently have a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's office against them.

Washington Mutual also turned me over to a collection agency and they refused to settle for a lesser amount. They did agreed to remove two fees to lower the balance to the amount of the check issued thru CitiFinanical. Again no fax received for agreement, check based on credit report, phone call to confirmed. WAMU is not honoring the removing of the fees to close out my account. Remaining balance of $55.33 not a great amount, but still an agreement was made.

The worst offender, GE Money Bank, they agreed to lesser amount on two of my accounts. No fax received, and when I told them I was recording the phone calls they declined to talk to me. One check was issued by CitiFinancial to GEMB. A large part of the check was to pay off American Car Care Credit and the balance applied to Care Credit. I sent a personnel check to Care Credit for the remaining balance. Both checks were overnighted, received and signed for by due date. Both checks cleared the banks four days later.

GEMB insisted they have not received any payments. Copies of the cleared checks were faxed to them as proof of payment. They have finally stated that they did receive the CitiFinanical check, but not my. And I not sure at this time if they are honoring the agreed lesser amount. I have filed a complaint against GEMB with the OTS Consumer Response Center in Washington DC, which when I tell GEMB this they don't seem to care.

Thank you for allowing me to express my grief. This is the first media that I have contacted, but plan to contact more and hopes to inform others of Consumer Awareness.

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      12th of Jul, 2008
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    Yes GE Money as it's known in little old New Zealand is indeed a shoddy outfit. The left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing, they make unrealistic threats, cannot think outside the square, will not negotiate or be flexible and they have arrived in NZ and are slowly but surely taking over almost all the consumer finance companies and this is a concern. I have no problem with these guys expecting and getting their money but I do have a problem with business ethics and reputation. The professionalism of this company in NZ anyway is almost laughable if it wasn't for the people they are dealing with. I asked for a 2mth payment holiday after which time I would pay the entire loans I have with them off completely thus being much earlier than required. I was rewarded with accusations and a repo letter. It is these kind of finance companies that I would love to take to task and it is the reason I have decided to retrain as a lawyer and deal to these kind of companies on behalf of the unsuspecting little guys!! Good luck to everyone who deals with them, you will need it! Better still go without and dont fall into their trap!

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