Ge Money Bank Gap CardMade payments that were &lost& then sent to law firm for collection

I have a credit card that is handled through GE Money Bank. I pay on a regular basis. I have, however, stopped using most of my credit cards so, usually, carry a very low balance. This particular card is through Gap and currently has a low balance of $300 + or so. Earlier this year, I was very busy and getting behind in my "sitdown" personal business, so I called in a payment to the company. I, then, mailed my next payment, and, finally, after getting a new iMac, began setting up an online account to make payments (though, with my tax refund, was going to just pay it off). I don't know if the odd switch in HOW I paid threw them or what, but... I ended up getting a call and a letter from a law firm, saying that they are now handling my very delinquent account. This firm has no record of my recent payments and no contact info. for me at GE Money Bank. I have written GE Money Bank a letter (it was nearly impossible to find the correct address), and I have also tried to call them (but the automated phone service is awful, given the fact that you have to listen to many, many different options since they handle so many retailers, and, once in, my customer service rep could not find my by acct. # or SS# - another did find me but said they could not help me because I had been sent to collections), but nothing, it appears, is going to help me find out why my payments were not credited - how to get the law firm to stop harassing me (they tell me I have to pay what I owe plus a fee and then they report to the credit bureau, which makes me uncomfortable) - and how to get this off my credit report.

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