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GE Money Bank / Care Credit

1 P.O. Box 965052Orlando, FL, United States
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I have had Care Credit for years. I used it to get my dentures and hearing aid. I called the insurance that I have had on the card because I have had a loss of income. The insurance (Account Security) said that they did not cover loss of Disability income or loss of Child Support, which was what I lost. I was so upset. That has always been my income. I have been paying them $49.05 per month for years! (since around 2008) I have always made EVERY payment up until now.

The next day, the same lady called me back and told me that they would be refunding me all my payments! I couldn't believe it! What a Christmas present! I called Care Credit and told them the situation, and that a refund would be coming. The 'agent' who answered said that it would be fine if I skipped the December payment. She said she would make a note about the refund.

January I started getting emails and phone calls stating I was past due. I called again and told them about the refund. Again they said that it would be fine, that the refund (Which turned out to be $2730.75 when my balance was $3300+ would act as payment, and I could resume payments with my late January 2016 bill.

Again, I got a phone call and an email. I called again. I agreed that i would pay the late fees, but I couldn't pay until February 8, 2016 but I could pay $50. The 'agent' again agreed and said she was making a note.

Today, January 26, 2016, I got another email. I was very frustrated. The minimum balance due is now over $313.00, it says I am three months past due on a balance of $662.15 (it was a little over $500 before fees).

I called AGAIN! This time I asked the 'agent' to get me a supervisor. Roger was his name. I told him everything, and that the refund should have posted as a payment and not a 'debt cancellation' because I had paid the premiums. I explained everything else, including the agreement to pay $50 on the 8th of February.

He would not budge on anything. He stated that even if I paid the $50 it would not meet the 'minimum balance'. He would not accept the refund as a payment either. He said that it was the company that extended that credit or something.

I asked him to explain REPEATEDLY why his 'agents' told me it was okay, when it wasn't. He was SILENT. He would not explain. I asked him to listen to the recorded messages of my calls to his agents and he said it would not matter then went silent again. I finally got so frustrated that I swore, and he told me, "Have a good day, mam" and hung up on me. Does anyone know how I can do something about this? I am trying to raise my credit. It just got to the 620's and now it will look horrible.

I went from an income of $5000 a month to $1600 a month. I was TRYING to work with them, promising the $50 payment. He wouldn't even TRY!!! I have closed my account, but I don't know what else to do.

Jan 26, 2016

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