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Ge Money Bank / Care Credit / payments not credited

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I just spoke top "customer service" on GE money bank because m August payment of 3times the required amount did not post on my billing statement and they charged me a $25fee for not making an August payment – the amount due was $43, I paid $150. The first person I spoke to said it was because my July payment was late – they received it and posted it 4 days later; after my due date. This is of course my fault. She transferred me to s supervisor – all her own idea – who may be the snottiest, rudest, most obstructive woman I have EVER spoken to – and I used to do telemarketing. The fist thing she said – I am not kidding – was “Why exactly did you think you needed a supervisor??” It got worse from there. The jist of it – if I get this right – is I was charged a late fee for paying early; they will NOT credit overages as payment until the end of the billing cycle so it oes not appear on my statement; you cannot have an updated statement (the automated phone message says you can); and I cannot change due date so I can actually pay the bill in a timely way for me instead of having to artificially delay my payment until their due date to avoid a late fee (?????) I have to receive the bill - hold the bills for at least a week - then pay it or it will credit to the previous billing cycle and I will get another late fee. Even thi-ough I am paying two and three times the amount due, the compnay will charge me a latepayment fee every month my payment is not posted - on their end - on the 7th or 8th. I could not find out what happens if those dates are on the weekend. This appears to be a deliberate attempt to collect fees and feels fraudulent.

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  • Je
      18th of Sep, 2010
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    look, its not that were intentionally wanting to charge you a fee and its not because its "early". Every credit card company has a billing cycle. If you send a payment for "may" for example but its still "aprils" billing cycle, its going to count as a payment for april not may, even if you already sent one for april. So its essentially as though your sending a second payment for april. It is not uncommon for people to do it that way. Some people are able to pay more on their loans some months then just the bare minimum. This allows them to do this. Most companies that roll over extra payments to the next months payment are companies such as if you have a car loan, theres a good chance they do that. A private label credit card though does not roll over payments. Its understandable that you may not have known this, but the problem is when you call in and get upset instead of letting us educate you so it dosnt happen again, you end up not helping matters because you dont listen so everything we tell you goes right over your head so you end up doing the same thing the next month.

  • Mc
      21st of May, 2011
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    Bate and Switch: The same thing has happened to me. I paid off the promotional balance, on time with money drawn off my Health Savings Account on time-in plenty of time to not incur the interest on the medical bill. They rejected the payment without my knowledge. About two weeks after I paid off the bill, I get a "courtesy" call stating that I had missed a payment. I was flabbergasted. I called the company. The customer service rep was an idiot, telling me that GEMB does not accept payments from Health Savings Accounts. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she hung up on me. You don't hang up on me unless you want to hang yourself. So I have filed three complaints to the BBB. GEMB also conducts business in multiple states, so the consumer doesn't know who to deal with. I have had communications from them from FL where you send your payment, to OH where you send in complaints that fall on deaf ears, and now from some woman in SD(Darcey Segatti West, Corporate Specialist, Consumer Relations). The latest communications I received from GEMB states, "unfortunately, GEMB does not accept payments from HSAs submitted as a debt" even after I called my bank. My bank told me that I can use the money in my HSA to pay off any bill I want. The designation HSA is only for IRS purposes, not GEMB's purposes. It's simply a checking account. Money is money. My bank resubmitted with the very same account information I sumbitted to GEMB on 04/14/2011, and GEMB took my money from the very same account I used the first time. So which is it? Do they accept money from health savings accounts or don't they? This is just another example of greedy credit card companies engaging in unethical billing and collection practices, trying to stiff the consumers. I am warning everybody, "Do NOT get talked in to using a GEMB card to pay any doctor or dentist." It isn't worth the harassment. Medicaid patients don't have to even pay a copay if they don't have the money, so why are working class consumers being forced in to contracts with companies like GEMB? To Mary K: GEMB doesn't have to cancel my card, I cut the blame thing up and threw it in the trash!
    Please send my any email communications to if you have any more hassle from GEMB. I think a class action law suit against the company is in order mys elf after reading that suggestion on this board. Apparently, GEMB is engagin in unethical billing and collection practices across the board. I will NEVER use that card again and stick with my own money market account at BB&T, a bank that I trust and knows me.

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