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GE Money Bank / Need class action suit! Website fraud!

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Short version: Their website didn't work to make payments, I've been paying bills online for over 7 years - theirs is the ONLY one to NOT work so far! If you've had an issue with the, please re-enter it at:

These get read by lawyers & I VERY much would like to get a class action suit started against them!!

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  • De
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I COMPLETELY agree that GE Money Bank is God awful to deal with and should be shut down. I welcome the opportunity to become a part of a class-action suit. I started down this journey through the Home Shopping Network that has unwisely chosen GE Money Bank to handle its credit card services. HAD I KNOWN THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW!!!.

    I advise everyone to run (not walk) from any operation related in anyway to GE Money Bank. I will also attempt to contact 6O Minutes at CBS and request that they do a story on this worst of all financial operations. All of our disgruntled voices need to be hear becasue there's strength in numbers and hopefully a net for those who find themselves falling into the GE Money Bank abyss.

  • Ma
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    we have many GEMB cards, which after yrs of paying instantly and being dedicated to strive for the best credit file possible. it appears that GEMB has possibly injured our credit file which as everyone knows, EVERYTHING is based on your credit report files. i shopped all yr for xmas items. balances did get high. pymts made like clock work, never late, always more than required. Finally after all gifts were purchased this yr,we paid off our credit cards. In the mean time,GEMB started reducing the credit limits. Like from$4,000 to $250 (after $balance reached $3400) others were reduced too from thousands of dollars to a mere $200-$250. Letters were sent out to GEMB. We have like 23 cards which credit rating was excellent. Although its not a good idea to close out accounts to build the best credit score. In this case where GEMB appears to cause injury to your credit scores, I beleive it may be best to close out all GEMB accounts. I beleive GEMB should have to pay for their unjustified injuries that they have caused to us, their consumers. Never late, always paid more than required.....To end up having GEMB reduce your credit limit , which makes lenders think you are a high risk, & Have you humiliated at checkout while thinking you have thousands of available credit remaining...

  • Gi
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    It is impossible to pay your credit card bill online. After multiple attempts to pay my credit card bill online, with a representitive on the phone, we could not do it. I had her close my card, and didn't pay the remaining interest on the card.

    Her name is Rajni x7263 - 7am-10pm Central. you have to call this number though 1-866-335-6230.
    Then you have to imput all your info first every time (takes about 15 minutes to reach her after holding).

    Make sure you tell her you're recording your conversation.

  • Ro
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    Yes agreed Ge Money demonstates unethical and ruthless business practice

    The evidence speaks for itself

    Check out this site for detailed info on GE Money's track record

    ASIC acts on GE Money’s insurance and debt collection practices

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

    ASIC helps Australian consumers understand new credit laws

    The more consumers that can access reliable information in a timely manner to better

    Consumers should be able to research finance companies first before making a decision to apply for a finance product.

    If consumers can see that GE Money products have distinct disadvantages, that the customer service is poor, the interest rates higher, and the debt collection process is very aggressive and damaging for the consumer it is more likely that consumers will not take up GE Money products.

    Loss of business for GE Money and lower profits will really make an impact against GE Money

    Hit GE Money financially and make a difference

    Spread the word about GE Money complaints

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

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