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I applied for and received an Amazon store card through GE Money Bank. I did not receive a statement for 3 months! I was wondering what was going on, how to pay it, and by the time it arrived, it was 3 months late with late charges, interest, etc. and I had been planning to pay the whole thing off each month! On top of that, I ordered several pairs of shoes, then returned 5 pairs in one large box. I even went to the local post office and paid the return postage. I never received credit for the shoes! I made a payment, wrote to Amazon about the shoes, and now I am wondering where my statement is AGAIN! I have not received a statement, and I am sure it is late again. I am now looking online if I can log on to GE Moneybank and find my account to see what is going on! This is the biggest mistake I have ever made! If I used my regular Mastercard or Visa, this would not have happened. I am so upset with the whole thing, I don't know who to blame, Amazon or GE Moneybank. Both I think, because I should have received credit for the returned shoes. I am out a couple hundred dollars, plus late fees, plus interest and it is a huge nightmare!! What a rip off!!!

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      Jul 20, 2011

    Your Amazon Store Card can be access by going to this place on the web:

    After I posted my complaint tonight, I called a different GE Money person at 1-866-634-8379. During our call - she connected with the collections department, then came back on the line - and told me not to expect any more collections calls.

    She furthermore refunded my late fee - she didn't have to do that, but that was pure gravy.

    She said that the adjustments she made tonight would show on my next statement. She sounded really nice and professional; give it a try.

    (I got the customer service phone number from

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