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GC Services Limited Partnership / Unethical and professional conduct!

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I have received a balance due statement from GC Services for a bill over 25 years old. I called and a representative that answered stated I was going to be arrested, license suspended, civil judgments, credit score affected and other threatening actions. I just wanted verification of the debt and I know the debt was paid years ago and I received the bill a few years ago, wrote them and now I receive another bill. What type of company is this, and how do they exist with these business practices. Is anybody suing them? I called the main office and again given the run around, all they want is money.

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  • Jo
      28th of Aug, 2007
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    What kind of bill do they say that you owe?

  • Yv
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    To Mr. Herbert Malloy, Jr.-

    In all my time working at G.C. Services I have never heard of anything like what happened to you happening. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just saying that it is the exception rather than the norm. And as for the part about us only wanting money: G.C services employees are basically rented out to various companies who have charged payments and whose records show those payments haven't been received. In other words, it's not G.C. services who wants your money. It's the company you owe the bill to. We just want to do our jobs.

    To all creditors-

    Guys, don't shoot the messengers, okay? I know that, as for the department I work in, even though our department calls out, all the phone numbers that will be called that day are downloaded onto a computer system, so the representatives who call you did not pick the numbers to dial. We just hear a click in our headset, see an account come up on our screen, and go from there. And most of the people I come across actually owe the bill I'm trying to collect so it's not like we just randomly pick names out of a hat and say "Hey, let's pick on this one". And believe it or not, we don't do this job because we love it. We do it because we have to. And guess what? We representatives work in large call centers and don't know everyone in the department we work in. And don't tell me that none of you all have ever worked in a place so packed with employees that you couldn't name everyone in the room, so don't get mad at us if we don't know who "Tina" is. Also, yes we do verify your information, but it's actually for your protection. Somebody you know could answer the phone and when we say "Am I speaking with [your name here]?", they could easily say yes without actually being you. If we did not verify information, we could easily give out your personal account information to, say, an ex or estranged relative or house-sitter, etc. So don't get mad when the rep asks for your info. If you don't trust us, just respectfully decline, and guess what, if the rep gets rude all you have to do is hang up the phone, and if they call back you don't even have to answer. By the way, chances are if you call the number that shows up on your caller id, chances are you will get a busy signal as someone on the message board pointed out. This is because the call center that calls you is outbound calling only usually. We have different departments for inbound and outbound calls usually. Or maybe the hold queue is full. So call back in about an hour, or wait for us to call you back and then ask the representative for the call back number.

    As for the unmentionable acts that some representatives have subjected some customers to, while I don't deny having personally heard representatives do such things, I can attest to the fact that there are representatives, including myself, who strive to make the bill collecting process as painless for the customer as possible. This includes being kind, trying to be efficient, and making myself as knowledgeable as possible of the ins and outs of the system so that I can be the best help to the customer possible.

    I don't blame you all for being behind sometimes, because we all have things that happen that make it so we have a hard time paying our bills. And, though, again, this is the exception rather than the rule, there are some times when either we or the companies we are representing slip up. I know these are things you have little to no control over. Keeping this in my mind, I would greatly appreciate it if customers would refrain from blaming me and my the more agreeable of my colleagues for bad experiences they had with previous representatives.

    I would also like to apologize, if I may, for the actions of my least agreeable colleagues. Thank you for your time.

    -Yvonne M.

  • Na
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    You are lying sacks of ###! I have repetedly told you mother ###ers to quit calliine me, and that I am unemployed! It got so bad that I left for Germany on a one way ticked. That;s the only way to get some peace. Unfortunantly, not all of your othe victims have that option!

  • Ma
      6th of May, 2008
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    You are so full of crap Yvonne or whatever your name is? Let me tell you something. Those ### at the call center keep calling my house for someone who doesn't even live here! Despite the fact that every damn day I tell that spineless ### who keeps calling that no one by that name lives here the calls persist day in and day out. They went so far as to call my neighbors house and ask them to bring a note for the guy who used to live here and ask him to call them at there 866-884-0184 number. What a bunch of ###. I called GC SERVICES back to get their address to write them and request they stop calling me, and they refused. I called to ask for a supervisor they refused. Loosers! My next phone call is the to Fair Credit Collection Protection Agency. Get a life loosers and check your facts first, before you call and bother people that don't even owe you money! You pieces of [censored]! Thats right this is Maria in Beford Ohio, again, you dirtbag!!! And NO Daniel is not here, has not lived here since 2004... Jerk, you got that? Quit calling my house!

  • Pa
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    If you're unemployed or suffering hardships, think before you act. If you know you can't pay something back or are not very good at keeping a job or work with ###s or anything, then don't take out money you can't pay back or buy things you can't afford. It's not that hard. You want a good life, you have to work for it and do your best, not be lazy and get loans thinking it is free money or apply for credit cards you can't make payments on and so forth. If anything, you are the thieves of society

  • Se
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    Contact Information
    Address: 6330 Gulfton St.
    Houston, TX 77081-1108
    Phone: 713-777-4441
    Fax: 713-777-6619

    Key People
    • Chairman and CEO: Gerald B. (J. B.) Katz
    • President: Frank A. Taylor
    • SVP Operations: Mark A. Schordock

  • On
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    I love the sanctimonious B.S. that is handed out by whatever corporate schill posts on this and other threads justifying the slimy and sloppy collection practises utilized by this company. There is no response to the complaints from the people that are harassed for no reason, simply because they happen to reside somewhere that may or may not have been the residence of a debtor or the neighbor of a debtor. Or the attempts by this third-party collector to rake in some zombie debt that might not even be enforceable.

    And the argument justifying bad behaviour in dealing with the debtors is, well you owe the money, so we have the right to treat you like crap. If you hadn't incurred the debt, we wouldn't be calling you fifty times a day, calling all of your neighbors and relatives, and training our employees to be rude, aggressive, and borderline threatening. There seems to be quite a bit of anecdotal evidence out there to show that this company toes the line on ethics and fair collection practises. And the point is not that these people owe the debt you ###s, it is the treatment they are receiving at the hands of the collectors.

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