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GC Services / Harassment and Lies

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I've received several phone calls of late. The first from phone number [protected] this was last Friday the 19th… the caller left a voice-mail, with a huge sigh, and anger in his voice he told me his name is John Washington who works with GC Services. He wanted to let me know that he received an order (by fax, so it must be serious) to garnish my wages. This was done through the attorney’s of Anderson, Scrum and Wachowski a law firm so secret nobody has heard of them before… John told me that I would be served at my place of employment or my home. So I waited as long as I could then I went home and still I wait and no visitor’s.
The second time John Washington contacted me (today) again leaving a voice-mail upping the ante, anger and urgency of his call. John told me his new title… ready folks.. He is no longer just working with GC Services. John is now the Lead Arbitrator for the arbitration department of GC Services. How very impressive, and somewhat god like… He was practically shouting into his phone as he told me that as a “courtesy” lol. John was letting me know he had just received a garnishment order, today. But wait this is different than the order received on Friday... First off it's now from law firm Anderson, Cappelli and Brown? Now this is either a new law firm or one that has a high partner turner-over rate.
Just to recap, in two days, over the weekend, yep since Friday Scrum and Wachowski are out and Cappelli and Brown are in plus John got a promotion which would probably explains the new phone number he called from today which is [protected]. Incredibly enough in two days since the promotion, John relocated from California (area code 714) clear across America to New York (area code 716). And John was able to coordinate two law firms on both coasts to send him a terrifying "fax" stating they have ordered a wage garnishment. Do law firms have the power to make judgments and execute orders? Because I wasn't invited to any court case, but I'm not a lawyer so maybe I didn't need to be there.
I don’t have my name listed on my voice-mail, however GC Services, feels confident enough to leave rather private information on an unidentified VM and includes the last 4 digits of my SS#... I’m hoping he calls tomorrow I’m anxious to see what new developments have taken place in life and times of John Washington, L.A.of the A.D. of GC Services, how I love the frustration in John’s voice… He’s a real go-getter…you’d think with all this luck (sorry skill) he possesses I’d be shaking in my boots a little... But sorry Tex’ I don’t wear boots…So if you’re contacted by GC Services don’t answer let this play out over VM… It’s funny at least to me… and it will help my harassment case in the future... but if you’re bothered by it… block their number(s) it might take some time… and if you hear from John Washington, L.A.of the A.D. of GC Services congratulate him on his promotions and his recent move across country. Oh be sure to tell him that Joey is laughing at him. :-)

Apr 22, 2013
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  • Al
      24th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Sounds like a great case under the FDCPA as well. He seems to be digging his hole deeper with each phone call...More proof (as if it's needed) that debt collectors aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer...

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