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GC Services / Misrepresentation

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Just received a call from GC Services asking for info about my stepson saying it was for a loan. She wanted to know his phone # and I then said if he really applied for a loan you would have his #. I asked her for her phone # so I could check with my stepson and ask if he really applied for a loan which he did not. I called this company back and told the guy on the phone that he was lying to me. After asking numerous questions he finally admitted he was a collection agency. What a lying company... Misrepresentation!!! I gave him NO Information!!!

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  • Bu
      7th of Jun, 2009
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    I worked for GC for a short while and they are known for misrepresentation ! For example, when they hired me they told me I would get $3 per hour incentive pay for doing my job and staying logged into the system for a specified amount of time. I exceeded that time all the time I was there and did get the $3 per hour. Then after a few weeks they informed everyone they was going to base the $3 per hour extra on Login time, the amount of time we spent typing (18% or less) the account info, plus you had to be in the top 75% in collections made. I call this bait and switch - they bait you and make a promise and then break that promise after they have hired you. GC services is a rinky dink dishonest outfit and I would not recommend anyone going to work for them. Their justification in the incentive pay change was "is it right to pay the person on the bottom the same as you pay the person on top" ? And my thought is absolutely yes its right - especially since it was a condition you gave them when you hired them ! But I will say this, if you do owe for a loan and GC calls you, do not identify yourself and then hangup on them. If you identify yourself and then hangup, this is logged as a "no commitment" and that goes against your credit record and hurts you only - it does not hurt GC in any way. It may hurt the poor soul trying to make a living that work for GC by lowering their stats, but it does not harm GC in any way - it only hurts your credit record. So if they call you and you do owe for a loan they are collecting for, do yourself a favor and at least talk to them. Make partial payments if possible and explain the situation to them fully - loss of job, huge medical expenses etc - whatever is causing you to be late on your payment. Just don't identify yourself and then hangup on them. If you are going to hangup, the best thing to do is not identify yourself. If they do not confirm that they talked to the debtor, then they cannot legally put a mark against your credit record. Not all the people that work for GC are bad people - I tried my best to be considerate to everyone I called because thats the way I wanted to be treated. But I have seen GC collectors (account reps) that were very rude and have heard stories about some of them threatening to have automobiles reposessed when the payment was only a few days late. Reposession only legally takes place after 60 to 90 days late ! Anyway, GC cheats its employees, so I do not trust them at all and will never work for them again ! I'm glad I got away from them !

  • Ve
      10th of Sep, 2010
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    Their website specifically states that the website and company are convenient, offer "quality service " and that they offer better solutions. I have wasted hours of my time trying to pay my fine over the phone, with terrible service. once referred to the website have filled in my birth date, and control number numerous times to be told that it is incorrect. then when I put in the citation number been told that this to is incorrect, then when trying my drivers license number once again been told that this is incorrect! I think I can copy directly from the printout, or my license and check it twice over and verify its validity, but no apparently I'm still wrong. Get your ### together or don't expect me to settle with you! This company should not be allowed to operate they are utterly useless.

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