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GC Services / Illegal practices!

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I got behind on my student loan. I lost their info and could not get in touch with them. Student loan was turned over to GC Services. When GC Services contacted me, I was told my loan amount had increased by $4000 for collection costs. I had cancer when I lost info for original creditor and had to have emergency surgery to remove some organs to keep me alive. I was told to sell my cars, take a loan, do whatever I had to do to pay this off. I was told that they were going to garnish my wages. I said fine, since I wouldn't see the money, I could live without it. They didn't want to garnish my wages then. They said it wouldn't cover the monthly collection costs and interest. I said sorry, I would pay $150 per month. they then said they would proceed with garnishment. Then I started getting reports from my coworkers. GC Services were calling for me and when told I was not in the office ( I drive trucks), they would ask for the payroll department phone number regarding garnishment for ME. They told this to several coworkers. Talk about embarrassment, my nickname is "SKIP" at work now. When I contacted them, they wanted to set me up on some program that would wipe out the bad credit reports and set everything right. I authorized two electronic checks for $100 each to be taken out of my checking acct. They sent me some papers to sign and send back within 4 days or so, I don't remember time frame there. I got very sick then due to complication from the cancer and didn't send in forms. I was trying to stay alive. Well they started calling work again. When they could not get hold of me there, they took the next step. I was coming back into town one evening when my 80+ year old father called me very confused and upset. He said a credit card company called him trying to get in touch with me. They told him I had applied for credit and there was an error on my paper work, and needed my phone number. He gave them my cell phone #, which they did not have. He was upset at me that I was applying for credit somewhere, and I had been out from work for months and didn't have money to pay more bills. He helped me out some while I was sick, so He wanted to give me more money, which he really could not afford to give. Well GC Services then started calling my Cell, even on Sunday. They wanted to really put me on this program. I was already being garnished 15% of my pay after taxes, every week. They made the deal sound sooo sweet. I again authorized two payments of $100 in Feb. to get into this program. When I got the paperwork, I noticed they wanted to capitalize everything. I didn't know what this meant, but I had to agree to everything or the deal was off. The whole thing looked really strange to me. I chose not to accept. They DID submit 2 checks to my Credit Union acct, which were paid. Today, I got another Deposit Notification from GC Services. Another $100. The funny thing is I DID NOT AUTHORIZE this check to be put through from them. It was only 2 checks, not 3, and both were to be submitted in Feb. I am taking letter to Credit Union on Monday and talking to them. Question is: Should I let them take it and file a complaint with my credit union and The State and FTC, or should I just have the bank block it??

I have never disputed the loan, and had every intention of repaying it. Hell I am willingly doing the Garnishment thing to pay this back. I just got very sick.

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  • Jo
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    When you stop paying your student loan, it goes into default with the school. The loan is guarenteed by the state and when you don't pay the school, it is turned over to the state. When the state agencies can't get the loan collected, it is turned over to the federal government, who also guarentees the loan. So to say that you got behind on your loan is an understatement. It took MANY years to get to GC Services and it is not just collection fees being added to the loan. It is interest assessed by the school, state, and federal government.

    Bottom line, it was your responsibility to pay and YOU didnt.

  • Mg
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    It is illegal for them to threaten to sue you or call your neighbors or co-workers. Get in touch with me and we will start a class action suit against them. They were calling me with the caller ID of the State of Ohio for a while. These guys need to be stopped.

  • Da
      26th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    GC sevices contacted me for a payment. but sayed they have no website to pay on or no adress to send payment. only over the phone with my account #s. what a joke

  • Pe
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    I am currently planning to file a lawsuit against GC Services for some of the same reasons, including check fraud. It appears that this is a trend with them and in the case of their word against mine I think I will win. I wrote them a check for a ticket and ended up getting my liscense suspended even though the check cleared over a week before the due date. I beat the charges in court for the suspension (I got pulled over during this time and was cited for having a suspended liscense, a misdermeanor), and got the police department to waive the fees too. The next step is to take the fight to GC Services. In my opinion their crooks and anyone having problems with them should fight as much as possible, even if it's just outa spite, [censored] gc services.

  • Vi
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    GC services called me threatening to garnish my wages unless i sent a vioded check and they would take over 400 dollars month out of my banking account. They put me on the program that is suppose to get me out of default in 9 months. They added 10, 000 dollars in collection fees and told me that out of 1600 they already took only 370 went to my balance. The rest was collection fees. I told them I just had cancer and have always been sick. I only borrowed 24, 000 and now owe 65, 000 in interest, etc. I said I could't pay this month bc I was docked so much from work from being sick I couldn't pay my rent. They "kicked me out of the program" and already contacted my payroll to garnish my wages. I am starting a suit against my employer for medical discrimination. If there is a settelment, can the gov take the money to pay this debt? Will GC services really garnish my wages? I cannot live on what will be left. Is this legal? I might as well quit my job. Help

  • Ba
      5th of Sep, 2009
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    GC Service is the target of quite a few class action lawsuits and there's a criminal investigation against Eric Bernhagen.

    Look at for the details.

  • Gc
      16th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    GC Services is about to settle in a major lawsuit. has the latest.

    GC Services is also in trouble for not paying their taxes in Texas. Eric Bernhagen has been indicted.

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