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GC Collection Services / Harrassment

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-706-9554

My grandmother had an account with AT&T. She recently got ill after moving from OH to NM and used her credit card for her new place but stopped making payments a couple months ago after she got sick. I, (her granddaughter), as well as my aunt who is an authorized user of the card and not a cosigner (I asked for the contract from AT&T and it does state she is not responsible for the debt being an authorized user and not having a card of her own), have received numerous calls from this company. Sometimes I would get them at 6:30 in the morning. After calling managers and asking them to stop harassing both my aunt and myself they promised they would. Got more phone calls but the people refused to tell me where they were calling from. It would have worked if I didn't recognize the voice. So I called back to talk to a manager and he swore up and down that nobody called from your company. Got a call today from my aunt, hysterically crying because some woman from this company told her that they would go after her and take "everything she has", then I was called and the same woman screamed at me telling me that I was going to jail for fraud. I asked her where she was calling from and she refused to tell me, she said she wasn’t from a collections agency since they knew it was fraud. She also said that my aunt signed off on statements and received a letter which I learned is also false after talking to my aunt. First I asked how we can make a payment plan and she said that they need all 26 grand which I had to laugh at since it’s absurd. I also offered to have her call back to speak to my grandmother and was told "no, I don't want to speak to her I would rather see it go to the fraud department" she said it was "very convenient" that my grandmother was hard of hearing and that she would have to deal with myself or my mother before hanging up on me but not before screaming at me for nearly 15 minutes. She basically accused me of stealing from my grandmother, and told me I was going to go to jail since the fraud investigation showed it wasn't my grandmother authorizing the purchases and she knew I was lying about my grandmother not being here. Which is funny because I talked to my grandmother right after and she knew exactly how she spent her money. I also talked to AT&T who told me they could not take anything from my aunt since she is not a cosigner and could not send me to jail without talking to my grandmother and having her press charges if I used the card without her knowledge. Basically, this company lied about who they were and the extent of what they could do. I have a husband in Iraq and three little ones, this is the last thing I need. She told me that I should be expecting the police to show up anytime to take me to jail and that she would be happy about it which is why she didn't even want to talk to my grandmother. This company has done nothing but harrass myself and my aunt for months. I have finally contacted a lawyer.

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