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Gateway Technical Support / Very rude customer support

1 United States

Gateway -

A week ago my mom accidentally uninstalled the sound card from our computer. I know, a goofy thing to do, but accidents happen. After trying to figure it out by myself, I used Gateway's online tech support for help.

The first night I kept on getting disconnected, so no help there, where I spoke to five different people who could not help me. The second day I talked to four people, who just couldn't figure it out what was going wrong. One tech named Angelica, was actually quite good and patient, and she took her time helping me download the driver. But alas, she was disconnected and I could not get her back.

Which leads us to Quentin. Ah, Quentin. I told him that I was quite frustrated and then he responded with did I try installing it in safe mode. I said I didn't think so, but asked for further clarification. He said that it was when you use the BIOS device at the beginning. I said yes, I tried that. Then he said "Well, which is it, you did or didn't? You aren't telling the truth here." Please keep in mind that I was so frazzled by then that I didn't know what I had tried. I asked him to please help me because I felt confused. He said to me that "you aren't being true in your answers."

Now I was ticked. I asked to speak to another tech. He refused. He then told me that I had to be patient while he was troubleshooting, then said to reinstall Windows XP. I said that seemed a bit extreme. He said that in order to get the sound back, it was the only way. Then he said: "When people work with computers, this is how we find answers. Your only answer is to reinstall Windows XP and then it will work." I was so incensed by then I typed back: "You are very rude and very condescending, and I rather not have sound on my computer at all than to continue this session."

It looks like I might have to pay thirty dollars to get another sound card reinstalled, but I rather pay that than deal with Mr. Quintin again.


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