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Gateway / Scam

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I don't think they train these people... A former co-worker of mine bought a Gateway PC last May. The hard drive developed bad sectors out of warranty this October. I told him to buy a new one and I would install it and restore his PC. Well the restore disc he had was damaged (scratched) sometime in the year he had it. I first attempted Gateways website to see if I could order a replacement online (Had to do that once before with a friends Sony PC-great exp there). Couldn't find it, but I did see a link to chat online with a tech.

After explaining the situation their online tech (Steve), he confirmed the PC was out of warranty and tried to sell me phone based support. I reminded him that I didn't want/need tech support as the problem was fixed, I just needed a replacement restore disc. He tells me they do not carry them and directs me to an outside company website to buy it. Well I looked on that website and most of what they listed were for older PC's running Windows98 and earlier. I only seen a few XP's and no Vista's. I found a phone number for the company and called, they confirmed they do not carry anything Vista. They specialize in older hardware no longer supported. They did recommend to call Gateway and ask for their parts department as tech support were "idiots", the discs should be in stock.

So I found their number and called their customer service line. I will say Gateway's hold times are better than most, only took about 5 minutes. The guys I talked to (Cody) said they do have the disc (really?), it was $10 for the disc + $10 for regular ground shipping. I explained the situation that my friend was going into the hospital for surgery Monday (11/3) and the needed the disc sooner. I asked if I could get it overnight shipped so I'd have it Friday (10/31). He tells me sure, but the next day shipping will be an additional $10. I said fine $30 is ok and asked to verify it was shipping the same day & also asked where was it shipping from. He said it would ship that day, and it would be coming from Texas.

So Friday passed and no disc, Saturday passed and no disc, finally Monday came and the disc arrives. The label shows "Deliver by 03Nov08", checking the tracking number online it shipped from Washington and it wasn't shipped until the next day. This portion of the blame should be shared by both Gateway (overnight orders shouldn't sit around an extra day) & FedEX (three business days to ship an overnight package?)

General incompetence all around... The first tech should have directed me to customer service to order the disc, the second should have been a little more forthcoming in the shipping. Lastly, FedEx...that's another review.

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  • Va
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    I needed help with my computer the modem was bad I was told by one of your tech that he could find out what was wrong with it for $59.99 for 30. min. I gave him my computer sn.# and then he ask for my cc# I gave him that. After the payment was comf. he began asking me to do thing to my pc.after 30 min, he told me I was out of time I would have to buy a another 30 min. time computer was not fix but I had to go. I call back latter they asked me for the sn# of my computer he came back and told me he could not help me cos my computer was under warranty until may of 2009. I ask why did I have to pay for your help he gave me no answer I ask a bout a refund he said no I need some to help me get my money back.

  • Va
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    MY husband purchased me a new laptop computer 10/06 from Best Buy.Since then the "mother board " has been replaced 3 times since 4/07.Does this seem normal on a NEW computer.It has been sent out to Best Buys service Center 4 times to have repairs.Spoke my frustrations with Best Buy who said that they could not do anything since we did not purchase the extended warranty.I could understand if the computer was 3 years old but for a brand new computer to have this many problems is not right.They directed me to Gateways Corp.Office who is a joke.They are very rude and do not know how to treat a paying customer.I spoke with Jennifer the first time on 7-12-07 who told me that I would need to fax my paperwork so it could be reviewed.At this point my computer had the mother board replaced twice.Once on 4/13/07 and then again on 7/10/07.I never heard anything so I called back and got Erica who says that they never received anything even though I still had my fax sheet saying that it was a successful fax.She stated that at this point that they still would not do anything about it.So sure enough it went out again for the third time and had to be sent back for repair on 9/17/07.I called Erica back to let her know and they were still not willing to exchange my computer because it has been sent to Best Buys service center and their center has not looked at it yet so they sent me a box for me to send it to them when it come back form Best Buy.well I did just that and they sent it right back to me stating that they could not find anything wrong with it.I called Erica back 10/10/07 to let her know that and she said that they would not replace a working unit.I told her that it may be working now but more than likely it will break again in 2-3 months and by then the manufacture warranty will no longer available.She says that they will extend the warranty for 90 more days but if the mother board goes out again after that I will be responsible.I dont think that this is fair.This computer has been in the shop more than I have had it.I spent 1100.00 on a computer that is worthless.PLEASE HELP! Case # with Gateway 204115678

  • Hi
      10th of Dec, 2009
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    Recently I bought a Gateway desktop computer. I opened the case to install a card but am not able to get the expansion port slot cover off. It appears to be soldered on (which is very strange). I emailed Gateway's support and they told me they don't know how to do this but I could contact the fee-based support. It's unbelievable to me they don't know how their own case works. I'm wondering if it's a scam to drive business to their fee-based support.

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