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Gateway 836GM / Poor customer service

1 United States

I have sent my desktop computer (still under warranty) back to Gateway twice since April. The first time the hard drive crashed - for no explicable reason. They first sent me to Best Buy as they say they have a contract with Best Buy for repairs. Well, Best Buy told me that they are an authorized repair center... but I would have to pay for the work. I did not leave the computer - instead I called back Gateway - who informed me that I was misinformed by the previous rep at Gateway and that Best Buy was right. She escalated my call to the next level. The next rep I spoke with told me that they DO pay for the Best Buy repairs but that for some reason Best Buy has been confused about that. I have to laugh out loud over the confusion regarding Best Buy.

So instead of dealing with Best Buy - Gateway sends me a hard drive - which is also defective. At this point my hands are up in the air so I sent my computer to gateway for warranty repair. What a process - they send you a box that you pack the computer in. Then, because I work for a living I have to wait until a Saturday to take the box to DHL which was supposed to be open and was closed. I finally get the computer to DHL (the next week). NEXT, the computer comes back nearly two weeks later. I now have to wait until a Saturday to go FEDEX to pick up the computer. I get it home and when I finally get some time set it up. I had to call Gateway because the computer still would not boot up -and the tech support had to walk me through the setup process again. All is well - I thought until we realize the internet port is not working... it is now dead. SO, the process starts all over again - Gateway sends the box - I send them the computer - they send it back to me nearly two weeks later - this time a cd is still in the drive (ABCM is written in black marker on the cd). PLUS... I have a continual error message that drive D is full - apparently drive D is a drive that Gateway put on the computer for recovery.

Now, my USB ports don't want to function properly - they won't read any media attached ( portable storage, ipod etc). The computer is thoroughly screwed up. I have had it with Gateway. I'll never buy Gateway again. I'll be calling them today - and complaining - plus I'll be going to the courthouse this week to file a lawsuit... unless they send me a functioning computer - I am done with sending my computer back and forth.

Lastly, someone needs to teach them how to properly package a computer for shipping - both time the packaging was falling apart inside the box when I received it. I am so tired of their poor customer service.


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