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I wanted to make it known that Gardner White does not come clean about warranty information. I had several goods delivered to a house before I moved them in a week to a new location. The warranty only covers the furniture under the house that it was originally delivered to. I told the salesperson these exact moving plans and he did not mention a thing to me, even though it was exceptionally important. Had I known, I would of done something completely different. The ineptitude my salesperson, along with Gardner White simply not caring, is unacceptable. They were just stone cold on the phone, stating that nothing can be done and that is that. Customer service is not important to Gardner White and they are not accommodating to anything reasonable, it seems they just don't want to spend money if the law is on their side.

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  • Ba
      May 12, 2010

    Thank-you for shopping at Gardner-White. I am sorry to learn of your experience. We will do everything possible to correct the situation. Please email [protected] with your contact information. She is ready to assist you.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Barb Tronstein
    Vice President

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  • Ti
      Jul 13, 2010

    My husband and I moved into our first house in September 2010. We didn’t have any furniture at the time and based on Gardner Whites great reputation, we decided to go there to furnish our entire house. The first room we completed was the living room. The end of October we went to the Southfield location and got our living room set. We purchased the Reno Putty collection that offered a special: the couch, loveseat, three tables, two lamps and flat screen TV. We spent a total of $3154.56, which included protection and a year’s worth of warranty. Within the first month of owning our furniture I had to call Gardner Whites service department because two of our main cushions had holes. Two months later, I called again about the decorative pillows having holes and our wood tables chipping. The glass on my coffee table has scratches, the main cushions are deflating and we have tons of chips in the wood. The warranty company has been to my house five times since October, that’s ridiculous! I have sent Barb Tronstein, VP of Gardner White and Kim, Office Manager three emails and a personal letter a week ago regarding our issues. Nobody has bothered to get back with me. I'm planning on going to the HQ store the end of this week until this issues is resolved. I cannot believe how terrible the customer service is and how little they care about their clients. Don't tell people you will do everything to help your clients with a situation when you can't even respond to a complaint email or letter.

    Tiffany & Chris

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  • Lm
      Sep 15, 2010

    I totally agree with you that their customer service is terrible.
    I've tried remaing calm with these people and they finally got me so bent out shape because they won't help me either and when i called corporate office, they told me that there's nobody higher up in the company than the area manager, which i talked to and she doesn't seem to want to resolve the issue the way it should be resolved.

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  • Gw
      Sep 15, 2010

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had some concerns. We would be happy to review any concerns you may have. Please e-mail Kim at [protected] We would need to obtain more information to review your concerns.

    Thank you,
    Gardner White Furniture

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  • Garner white has never had a good solid reputation, in all honesty none of the furniture stores do. I recently bought a reclining sofa and chair. $1300. For this crap. 2 mo to get the parts. Then you have to wait to have it installed. Cushions are totally smooched in less than five months, normal wear n tear they say, Truthfully I've had better luck having used furniture bought off Craigslist ...sad huh? At least when it goes bad you've got your money out of it. I won't shop again at Gardner white. I hope you all agree to boycott.

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