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I ordered a game from, then went to cancel it because I found a better deal somewhere else. However Iw as not able to call and cancel the game directly from the website it said to call. I called in and waited about an hour for some help.

The person I called initially said they couldn't cancel my order, because it was already being processed. However, I ordered late Friday evening and they do not process orders on the weekend. I told him it was ok if he couldn't I would just speak to his manager. He then said he was able to cancel the order however after getting off the phone with him the order wasn't cancelled but now I could go in and cancel it myself. I had used gift cards to pay for my game but have not been told how or when I will be reimbursed for the $89 some odd dollars of my order. I emailed them several times with no response and although I could call, I don't know that I want to wait an hour, maybe the wait will be longer after the weekend. I would like some kind of compensation for my time, an apology and some kind of website fix to have the ability to change or cancel the order.

GameStop has horrible customer service and a very poorly developed website. Unless it was built with the purpose of making it difficult to return a game intentionally.

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Feb 28, 2016

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