GameStoplure you to buy limited edition pokemon nintendo ds from them with lure of free limited edition t-shirt then have none in stock

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My twin nephews wanted the new Limited Edition Pokemon Nintendo DS Lite that was in stock. limited to 2 per person and with the promise of a matching Limited Edition Pokemon T-shirt. I paid 18.99 to have it delivered overnight and it arrived 2 days later. NO SHIRTS. Called company and they say they were limited and 1st come 1st served. NO WHERE IN THE AD DOES IT SAY THAT. And its still in the ad on the website "with this purchase of this limited edition nintendo pokemon bundle you get a limited edition t-shirt". Gamestop e-mails me that it says "while supply lasts"... IT DOES NOT SAY THAT AND MY NEPHEWS WANT THE SHIRTS!! I could have purchased the game elsewhere and got a shirt or a pokemon figure. Why the lies? and no resolution. $500 dropped in there on-line store and I am very unhappy. Will probably send all the stuff back. Very unhappy with their customer service and lies.

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  • Lh
      Apr 16, 2009

    As a former employee of ebgames/gamestop i can say that the company encourages us to lie! I can say that i would never do that to a customer as i and my former coworkers deal with the fallout of the corporate ###. Encourage your friends to boycott these crooks!

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  • Th
      May 24, 2010

    I am also a former Gamestop employee...that is how they get you to pre-order games promising some things that you NEVER get. When I was a customer I ordered more than 2 games that didn't come with that promised gift.
    gamestop sucks

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