Game Canal Walk - Century City / drone quadcopter - bought new - half the items missing in box

I went to Game Canal Walk, spent R600 on a SHOX Quadcopter. That was just before closing time. The quadcopter was the last one on the shelf and also had the extra security tag on wrapped around the box. One expects that when you purchasing items from Game and its in a box and has the security tag on it, that is is brand new and unused. When my son opened it, only the quadcopter and remote was in the box. You could see that the quadcopter was used and fallen before. The following items were also missing from the box:
1. Extra propellars
2. Battery pack
3. USB charger
4. Blade protectors
5. Cellphone mount

Clearly they had this item returned before and trying to sell second hand items as new. This is completely unacceptable.
I phoned Game and the answer was, this should never happen. I was offered a refund for the item but I drove out especially to get the item, now I must drive again to return the item. No other mention of compensation for Game's my opinion, Game should provide a brand new quadcopter and can give the second hand one free as spare as that's all its worth to compensate for my time and fuel wasted.

Game Canal Walk - Century City
Game Canal Walk - Century City
Game Canal Walk - Century City

Jun 04, 2018

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