Galahotels.comwithholding of refund suspected bank card cloning

This company is based in Turkey. I booked a hotel (Gran Hotel Ibiza) on a free cancellation basis. They would not take Amex so I (unusually for me) used my bank card. Immediately I realised the company was Turkey based, and I then checked the internet to see if there were customer complaints about this company. Indeed there were many, so I immediately cancelled the booking. This was within minutes of making the booking. I checkled my bank account and of course the money had already been taken from my account. I received an email saying the money would be refunded within 3 working days (1-2 days more "because it is an international transaction"). I emailed them demanding repayment and received a standard response ("3 working days..."). This was on the 28th of August. In the meantime my bank card has been cloned and fraudulently used for a whole series of online purchases. It is now the 7th of September and I have heard nothing from so again I sent an email demanding that they return my funds. I also spoke to the fraud department and the disputes department of my bank - who are now looking into the case. I received an email back from galahotels saying there was a delay and it would be another 3-4 days. I have now also contacted the hotel Gran hotel to tell them about my experience - hotels should stop allocating rooms to these crooks. I feel such an idiot for not checking out the reviews of this company online before booking with them. BE WARNED:DONT USE.

Sep 07, 2017

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