Galahotelsunresponsive on refund for canceled hotel room

We canceled a $1300 reservation for two rooms x two nights in Cuba through the galawebsite (gala in December 2016. in October 2017 Gala claims the refunded the amount, note as much as 10 months later despite the 21 day refund policy, However the Claimed refund went to a chase credit card that at that point had been canceled. We received confirmation from a chase that the funds had been returned to Galahotels.. Despite a douzens of emails trying to ask Gala to refund to our account we have not been successful. Their complaints website seems to be run by an army of people that all claim the complaint is closed within about twenty minutes of making it. They all claim that the funds have been refunded and to check the credit card. They either do not read the message or it is on purpose. You cannot call them as the phone box to speak to an operator seems to have been disactivsted, at least on the UK line but I suspect it's the same for the rest. I finally after pleading several times to get a real email (you cannot respond to the comPlaints email response and have to make a new claim that is every time responded by a new. person. By now I suspect they do not exist as a real person ). This is what I received :
Your request CAS-157599-K7H9C2 has been finalized. Please see the resolution comments below :
. : Dear Cohen,

Please send documents to below e-mail adress;



Thank you for choosing GalaHotels.

And surprise, the email which I cut and paste into mine does not work. At this point this is becoming fraudulent behavior, I see on your website that galahotel claims they are responsive via their website and that all is fine. I am calling on galahotel to Make a real effort.

Jul 29, 2018

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