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Future Shop / Scam and cheating!

1 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I'll make this short and sweet... I spent almost $6,000 in home electronics and computers. Picked up the items myself with a minivan. Got home and my 46" LCD was cracked. A clear visible dent on the box revealed that someone from FS used their knee to lift the box. Went back, and they refused to do anything... saying I assumed the risk by picking it up myself. Let it be know, FS staff loaded and secured the TV in the van.

Obvious BS... The Sales Manager and GM worked together to deliberately try to screw me over and get me to walk away... duh... I drop over $2K on a tv, I ain't walking away. Excuses like... I'll need to review the video footage... it'll take a few days... I don't think so buddy.

Long story short...I got my TV back and will never buy from these [censored] again, please DO NOT BUY FROM FUTURESHOP IN RICHMOND HILL... the managers are crooked, deceptive and downright pathetic. You guys know who you are and what you do.... all I can say is karma... what goes around comes around.

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  • Go
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    you have to know also Futur Shop is Owned by BEST BUY... and they make u think they are different store, is u see they have the same store decoration, same tactics of sales, same commercial or almost...

    now they push there technicien to have a 90 days course to have an A+ certification, for what, just to install your xp or office, and you pay a 100$, a store in pincourt Quebec was doing a whole work, for 100$, they even charge 100.00$ to install a plug kb

  • Ra
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I bought a computer laptop (at Futureshop)cost: $1175.oo total..I asked, does it have a disc for reformat in case I need to... no, i was told they don't do that anymore.. but we can make one for you... ok. Cost, my question. $100.oo said sales-rep... fine.. long story short... disc made, cost $ 40.00 other $60 was for set-up.. I never asked for them to set it up..told them not to !!!(they had already started doing it, I told them to stop)
    If I had not asked question, I would have been charged, (as far as I knew) $100. oo for reformat disc... but after a lot of this and that, they charged me $40.oo for disc..and got refund for $60.00... WAS also told that "64 bits is the same as a dual core"..dont know if that is tru
    ARe these sales(parttimers) properly trained or what?

  • Jo
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    Disclaimer: I am a tech lead for a Future Shop.

    Rain: to answer you're questions...

    1) To have FS techs create recovery discs for you there is a $40 service fee. However you can create them yourself with little difficulty. Infact the computer prompts you when you first turn it on. Make sure you have 2-3 DVDs handy.
    2) Although I agree that $100 is a bit steep for computer setup I can say that it does indeed help those that are new to computers. The setup includes: bloatware removal, testing of the computer hardware, unneeded startup item removal, all windows updates, installation of a piece of a software and a peripheral, tweaking and optimizing the computer, and installation of program most people use (flash, adobe reader, quicktime, etc...) As well we create the recovery discs.
    3) Many of the salespeople are not trained properly. They are basically people put into the job after reading up on what a "router" is from a very simple summary of tech subjects. They are NOT product experts. I am sad to say that some of the technicians are not much better. However a technician is more likely to know what he/she is talking about and will be more motivated to help you out.
    4) 64bits and dual core are NOT the same thing. You can have a dual-core processor that is 64-bit just as you can have a 64-bit processor that is a quad-core. They are meant to describe different aspects of a processor.

    Please people, do your research. The sales guys just know what is on the box and sometimes less.


    A fed-up employee.

  • Je
      5th of Aug, 2010
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    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

  • Da
      27th of Dec, 2013
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    I bought a TV at Future Shop and negotiated a price on the TV only, we did not even talk about warranty at this time. At checkout I was asked about purchasing the warranty and I said that i'll buy it if he can apply a discount against the warranty and he agreed.
    Well, after reading the warranty, it's not how the sales rep explained it and so I went into the Richmond Hill Future Shop (as the original store where I bought the TV closed) to return my warranty and the Store Manager told me that since there's no record of the discount against the TV that if I return the warranty I will lose the all discounts and effectively be paying full price on the TV. I complained, walked away fuming and called head office. Head office was NO help at all and told me there is nothing they can do.
    Ok so I accepted the fact that Future Shop will not help me and decided I would return the warranty and call this a lesson learned situation.
    Well, after boxing day the same TV was on sale at Leon's for a really cheap price so I went into the Richmond Hill Future Shop and talked to the manager to confirm that if I return the warranty I'll lose all discounts and effectively the TV would be at full price and he agreed. Great, so I went to return the warranty and do a price match again Leon's. Well guess what? The same store manager that I just spoke to minutes ago REFUSED to price match against the full price of the TV and instead gave me a full refund on the returned warranty and kept the discount against the TV. WAIT I THOUGHT YOU COULD NOT DO THIS AND THAT IF I RETURNED THE WARRANTY YOU WOULD SUBTRACT THE DISCOUNT FROM THE WARRANTY? Why are you refunding me the full value of the warranty now? OH YES I KNOW's because Future Shop will beat their competitors price by 10% of the price difference and it was in his benefit to return the full value of the warranty to me so he could leave the discount applied against the TV so he would beat Leon's price by 10% of the difference using the discounted TV price.
    When I raised concern and told him this was ridiculous he "defused" the situation by refusing to help me.

    I'm really disappointed in how the store manager at the Richmond Hill location handled this situation by verbally being aggressive/rude with me and straight up lied to my face.

    Reasons why I have taken Future Shop and Best Buy off my shop list:

    1) I was lied to as the Store Manager originally said I would lose the TV discount if I returned the warranty but then was able to keep the discount all of a sudden when it worked to his benefit
    2) His attitude was quite snotty and disrespectful and did not treat me as a customer instead he threatened to not service
    3) Contacted head office to raise concern before and after this situation about the suspicious activity going on and received no help. The customer reps are actually Best Buy employees and it is clear they have no interest in keeping Future Shop customer's happy.

    It's a shame, really. Once a proud and strong Canadian company has succumbed to the pressures from other stores and instead of changing their service for the better they now practice boarder line thievery.

  • Am
      28th of Feb, 2015
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    yesterday i bought a ps4 controller from future shop at Richmond hill when i got home and open the box i realized that the controller inside the box is used (not even in good condition looks like its used at least for few months) the serial number on the controller inside the box and box is different. today i went there again to exchange it and get another one they refused to do any thing about it and disrespectfully they tried to say that i changed the controller and im trying to cheat on them. i walked away caused i was late for my job but ill go there tomorrow again to see if i can get my money back or exchange it somehow.
    please don't buy any items from them or at least check every thing before you bring it out of store these people are thief's most of the items on the shelf are returned item with a new sealed.

  • Do
      22nd of Jun, 2012
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    Future Shop - Staff

    I tried to shop at your shop . 3 times all 3 was really bad service . and the 3rd one told me in mt face to hurry up he was in the hurry ?. told that young lad to get his matters in the right way . that you don't say that to a customer ..NERVER... turn around politely and left store . FOR EVER

  • Ih
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Future Shop - Defective Item Sold
    Future Shop
    Nova Scotia

    Purchased a DSLR at future shop, and it did not work out of the box. There policy is 14 days for exchange. The item was a gift so it was more than 14 days before the box was open since purchase. Only to find that the item did not work at all... They refused to exchange the item.

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