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Feb.13 2007, Being busy I decided to order flowers online for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I found a site called I ordered a nice bouquet of flowers to be delivered within business hours on Valentine's Day. Well the 14th comes and no flowers show during business hours. I decided to cancel the order online, since I was unable to reach a human on there customer service line. I received an e-mail confirming my cancellation within minutes. Well I checked my bank account on the 15th and sure enough they processed the delivery anyway, even after I received a cancellation confirmation. I later found many posts on the net complaining about how poor this companies’ service is. If you can't find flowers get her a card... DON'T GO TO

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  • Na
      17th of Feb, 2007
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    I had a similar thing happen with FTD. Although I ordered on 2/11 and never received an e-mail confirmation. Assuming the order never went through, I ordered with a different company. On 2/15, the day after Valentine's Day, the flowers show up. Sure enough my card is billed as well.

    Looking to contact FTD with the discrepancy, I to this day, 2/17, cannot get through on e-mail (even when I enter my correct order #) or by phone.These people are complete crooks in my mind. No reputable business works this way.

    On a side note, came through like champs.

  • Sc
      1st of Mar, 2007
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    I dont use FTD for many different reasons:

    1) They do not have a fixed service charge.It goes anywhere from $12-$17 depending on the order.
    2) On florist delivered products-If I buy a $40 flower arrangement FTD.Com ok's the florist to take $7.00 from the $40 for delivery so i really sent a $33 arrangement.FTD pockets the service charge.
    3) The customer service is deplorable!
    4) As of the other day FTD.Com's managers told all of their employees that they weren't allowing refunds period.Even if the customer has contacted them as soon as Valentine's Day.
    5) has prettier flowers,a set service fee,and a better staff of csrs.

  • Fc
      15th of Aug, 2007
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    I, too, had a problem with, but my problem was different. I found FTD through a web search. When I went onto their site, the company had what looked like the most beautiful arrangements. I had lost my aunt who was very special to me. I wanted something special for her. I ordered a heart spray that cost $159.99. When I got to the Wake, the spray looked NOTHING like it did in the picture. I also didn't receive the "aunt" banner that I ordered especially for the spray. There were almost no roses on the arrangement, but, instead, it was replaced with carnations. It looked terrible. I am still waiting for to resolve this issue for me. It's been a week since my complaint. My suggestion is to not use online florist services. You might not get what you think you're getting.

  • Kf
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    We ordered the UPGRADE of a Lilly arrangement and received only NINE flowers with NO LILLIES! The substitution policy allowed them to put in more expensive flowers and they gave us Gerber Daisies that were dead in two days! We called about the no Lilly problem but didn't call back about the dead daisies until the next week (didn't know they had died until the weekend) and were told that the guarantee for flowers to last AT LEAST seven days would not be utilize because we had not complained about that within the seven day period. They actually accused us of interpreting the guarantee in our own way to our own benefit when we READ IT TO THEM OFF THEIR WEBSITE! We were also told that the website doesn't say a lot of things (like the no refund policy??). No more ordering from them for us - and we used them a lot at work, too. They have screwed us, but they have also screwed themselves.

  • An
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    boyfriend orders flowers to be delivered 2/14/08. The day goes on, and no flowers. Call to check status and can not get a hold of anyone. Check tracking and we see flowers are being shipped from miami florida to san jose, ca!!!

    No Flowers 2/14.

    2/15, flowers show up and they are wilted and have no water!!! call them to complain, send them pictures and they offered to resend another bouquet for delivery 2/19.

    2/19, no flowers. Get call from FTD 2/19 morning asking where to delivery flowers, are now delivering flowers in kansas city missouri!! Flowers get stuck in MO. 2/20, call to check status and flowers are still in MO.

    We ordered a special bouquet that had beautiful vase with red roses and white orchids.

    They say they will resend a "unique" bouquet 2/20. Flowers show up and they are UGLY flowers you see in Safeway in the CHEAP flower section.

  • Da
      17th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    People quit useing wire services contact a florist direct in the zip code your sending to. more then likely you will be much happier.

  • Ky
      21st of Mar, 2008
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    I agree with David, the last commenter on this list. That $15 we charge to place your orders barely covers our network operating costs, we don't "pocket" it. Don't you think that your customer service representatives that desperately try to help you over the phone deserve to get paid too?? This isn't a communist country, and we are not working for our health. About the florists taking $7 bucks out for delivery, do you expect them to just pay for the gas outta their own pockets?? Would you if you were on their end?? Why don't you ###s stop being so self-centered and think about the big picture for just a little while.

  • Er
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    I have recently tried to order and have been very disappointed with service. Initially the order went smooth and was able to find the flowers that I wanted to send and selected same day delivery. The very next day I found out they haven't been delivered (nice surprise ruined) so I contact customer service (nice 40 min. wait on the phone). Customer service then tells me that the order was sent but the florist they sent it to no longer takes their business so they then send it to another florist and they tell me they couldn't do it on Saturday because it was too late and they couldn't do it on Sunday because they are closed and the only time they could do it was today (Monday). So after haggling with the customer service rep to receive a discount (only after I told them I would no longer be doing business with them) they then said everything should be ok.

    Now, today I just received an email stating my order can't be fullfilled because they cannot find a florist AGAIN. Well, I talked to customer service and the florist said they would deliver the flowers for a fee and FTD said they wouldn't pay it.

    All the customer service rep said was they would refund my money. What I don't get it is the fact they are in a flower delivery business, they wouldn't pay a delivery fee? I thought that is what I paid for in my initial order.

    I would definitely not recommend doing business with them again. I can only imagine what people go through if this would have been for a funeral or even someone in a hospital with this company. The area I ordered to is to a college town so what was so difficult about the delivery?

  • Vi
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    I order flowers at 6 am sep 10th, to be delever before 4 pm, to my wife for our aniversery, I got home at 5 pm no flowers. I called today sep 11th whe i ha ve not recived the flowers, They sed they call me, ihave not heard any call, I call back second time, They retern my call at2pm, The excuse was they had acomputer problem, they could not delever, your customer service tell me you want to cancel you order or you want to delever the flowes, what you think about his anser, if it was your 20ty year aniversery, that is not way of doing buisness.

  • Pr
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Okay first off...if your not sure about something ask.
    The service charge does go up due to the demand just like any buisness that is how we make our money not the 40 dollars you pay its the florist who gets that money.
    Second, if your flowers had no water chances are they were shipped by a vendor(usp, fed-ex) and they dont ship them with water, because of obvious reasons the flowers come dehydrated its not FTD'S fault. I would suggest cutting the ends of the flowers, and letting them sit in a vase with water and food, give it about 24 hours, because at first the flowers will be droppy i mean wouldnt you if you were dehydrated? We give amazing customer service, i would know because i work for them. Honestly its a matter of who you talk to, if your not screaming at the rep more gets done but if you are acting like a 12 year old its going to become an escalation call...
    Think about it, problems happen with any company our turnover rate is amazing. FTD doesnt send dead flowers on purpose, and if you do recieve them call customer service, we understand. I am sorry you all have had such horrible experiences with FTD.COM but i assure you that you shouldnt judge FTD because of an issues that is out of our hands like a vendor delivered item, or the florist doesnt have your flowers, and lets us know last minute, or they just dont deliver. I will tell you FTD is an amazing company and i have alot of amazing customers.

  • Br
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    I wish I'd read this before I used FTD. I got an email the other day telling me it wasn't too late to order for Valentines day. Normally I delete this type of mail, but it just so happened I had a % off coupon in an entertainmant book my daughter sold for school. I went online, picked my arrangement, entered my cc # and got a confirmation of delivery for Valentines day. The family usually waits for me to initiate card/gift giving on major holidays and I could tell that my fiancee' and daughter were getting antsy by mid afternoon. Finally, at about 5:30 we had dinner and I told them that their Valentine's had not arrived. They each gave me a card, and each other and took it without complaining-although I could tell they were heartbroken. My fiancee' actually said she couldn't believe I had let them down on Valentine"s Day. I sat on my porch until 9PM Praying for a delievery. No such luck. They both went to bed upset. I can't sleep, I'm just plain mad. I called the 800 #, only to get a "high call volume" and sent an email-only to get an automated reply. If FTD does not perform some type of grand gesture to rectify it's mistake and soothe the hurt feelings, I will dedicate 1 HR every single day to blogging about them online, filing complaints with the BBB, and anything else I can do to dissuade others for the poor customer service I have recieved. As for the Entertainment Book from my daughters school? I sit on the PTO, and my next letter is to the publishers of that book to make sure that ad sapce is not sold to FTD in the future if they want our continues participation.

  • Ih
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    FTD IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY! I wish I had read the hundreds of complaints, BEFORE they stole my money
    and ruined my mother's day gift! NEVER AGAIN!!! Here are more complaints from a very reputable site.

  • No
      17th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    FTD should not be in a customer service business, because they have no consideration whatsoever for the needs of the people they at taking money from. THEY WANT YOUR MONEY ..THATS IT! They have the audacity to blame the vendors and delivery service...get out of the business if you don't know what the hell your doing! Why is it that other flower companies have no problems getting the job done. Your incompetent ###s! Yes people are angry, and RIGHTFULLY so. Get of your ### and deliver proper service or REFUND everyone's money.!!! Your pathetic and YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF People during important times in their lives which no laughing matter. FTD You make me sick, I will never use you again and i will tell everyone ... my promise to you.. and i will deliver on time, something you know NOTHING about!

  • Bc
      21st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am a Pissed of Canadian. FTD is charging me US dollars plus there service fee for half the product that was ordered.
    I am also being given the run around by them cause what i ordered was not was delivered.
    I recommended that no on use there service for anything. They even have balls to say they guarantee the flowers for 7 days what am i going to do ask my GF if her flowers are all still alive in the 7 days.

  • Wo
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I used to work for It was the most horrific employment experience in my life. They were owned by a hedge fund at the time and for me it was an incredibly hostile work environment.

  • Da
      20th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    FTD customer service for my issue was a joke. They delivered the wrong flowers, the wrong colors, the wrong vase and it was some pathetic dinky arrangement much smaller than the picture led me to believe. I simply asked for a refund and they told me that there was nothing that they were willing to do because I didn't report it within seven days. (It was within 15 days). I was shocked that they simply didn't care to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. After all, the customer is always right, that is unless your FTD. Please buy your flowers elsewhere as there are many other alternatives available. These FTD people are simply not interested in customer satisfaction.

  • Eh
      13th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    My daughter ordered a flowering Bonsai for Mothers Day...$50.00 item. I recieved a small dying unbrella plant (Shipped via Fedx) Called to request the correct plant...after an hour was told replacement was being sent (this was on Satuday) Tuesday I had not recieved anything. I called to check on it and was told by the second customer service person the first had lied to me about sending a replacement ("he can't do that!") I had found the umbrella plant on line by this is a $20.00 plant (so much for replacing an item with an equal or greater value as their policy says) This customer service person hung up on me. Wednesday I called a local florist to find out how to complain to FTD the same time my daughter called FTD to try to straighten it out. She was put on hold for an hour and gave up. Local florist was no help, just said not to use FTD any more (her shop doesn't do business with them) Thursday called FTD again to try to reslove...this time got a helpful person, who said she was very sorry, the item had been out of stock at the time of my delivery, but now was availble, and would be sent to me. Now it is Friday, decided to check to make sure all was taken care of because my 7 day complaint period is over tomorrow. New customer service person told a new order had NOT been processed! Now my $20.00 replacement umberella plant is almost dead, and my $50.00 original order has never been resolved! She promised me she had processed a replacement. DO I BELIEVE IT? NO! CONTACT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS PEOPLE! FTD NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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