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I am so surprised with the cancellation of this order. I had spoken on Phone to the Outpost's rep on Sunday Oct 15, 2006 for refunding the shipping fees as the order was supposed to be shipped free. At that time not only she had removed the shipping fee but also she had confirmed the availability of product and confirmed that it was in stock and available and will be shipped out on Monday (Oct 16, 2006). I am surprised to see this order cancellation notice and that makes me think if the services from are any reliable or is it like try your luck order may get shipped.

Its so funny that a company which is top notch in selling electronics & computers has such a terrible online Ordering system which can't even track the quantity it has in the stock...!!! your reliability is under such a big Question, I am not even sure if I place next order will it ever come...? How much can I rely on Outpost after placing the order...!!!


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  • Un
      14th of Dec, 2006
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    Yea - you aren't the only one with that problem - not only did they do the exact same thing to me, they swore that since the order had not been shipped that my card had not been charged, but I called my bank and found out that it was charged! I am still on hold now as I am typing this message trying to get in touch with Fry's over their customer service line. I stayed on hold for 45 minutes and my call was either dropped or the agent got the call and hung up immediately. This is my 3rd call to them now and I have been on hold for 20 minutes. All I want is my money back. Fry's customer service is horrible and so is their online store - I will never buy anything from them again online or in person. Microcenter is their competitor here in Dallas so I am going to give my business to them from now on.

  • Al
      8th of Feb, 2007
    0 Votes cancels orders at a whim and lies that your information is somehow incorrect, though they will never tell you exactly what information it is. I would never order from them again or shop in their stores after this nonsense. Companies that treat customers as if they are idiots deserve to lose out to companies who try to do well by the people making it possible for them to exist.

    See you Fry's. No doubt you won't be around long if you keep this attitude toward you customers.

  • De
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    On Black Friday 2007 I placed an order for 3 items items 2 were sale items and 1 was at retail price. I printed the completed sales order when it was displayed and everything was on it, all items, sales order#, pricing and shipping. Two days later I get an acknowledgment with the two sale items canceled and I received the retail priced item 2 days after that. I called and 11/30/07 they reinstated the sale items on a new sales order. On 12/3/07 I receive a notice that they again have canceled my sale items. This is the second time they have canceled sale item orders from me, the last time was 8 months ago. Their excuses range from "while supplies last" to "our computer could not keep up". They can easily put in a reserve buffer of a given quantity for their computer to quit receiving orders but they want to sell as many full retail items as they can and to H*LL to the fools that get stuck. I have issued complaints to California's BBB and states attorney's office and my states attorneys office as well. I am looking for other state and federal entities to issue a complaint to as well. I understand a loss leader to get people to buy other items but as far as I am concerned it is illegal to do what they have done to me. I am not through fighting them yet.

  • De
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    Hats off to thr Better Business Bureau of California. They addressed my grivance with Fry's Electronics and surprisingly they have upgraded the items they cacelled to better quipment. If the original were unavailable I know there are other brands of same specification they could have substituted but I did prefer the same manufacturer and I amappreciative of the fact they finally did come through. After spending a great deal of time on the phone with them and my letters of complaint to the above mentioned entities, it is only right to now give Fry's a positive comment for resolving this issue.

  • Cc
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    I Agree, Fry's has a terrible on-line store. They have no secure checkout that works. You'd think a business that does the amount and type of transactions they do, could find it within themselves to write a decent checkout page. Or find someone who can. Sad situation.

  • Jo
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    Fry's didn't ship my order (per FedEx). They did charge me. I emailed. They asked which I wanted, a refund or the merchandise. I said the merchandise. After a respectable time I asked what the order status was. They were "investigating." After more than two months I asked for a refund. They said no problem. After another month they still said that they were "investigating." I contacted the credit card accounts resolution dept. They called Fry's and were told that "Henry" would call to settle the problem. A week later I called Fry's and they said that "Henry" would call to settle the problem.

    They will have had my money for over six months before the credit card co. can reverse the bill. I didn't mean to loan them money and I won't do it again. The word "kiting" comes to mind. Nice business model if you're crooked.

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