Fry's Electronicsdefective/returned products

I've always really enjoyed shopping at Fry's. The stores have an amazing selection of neat gadgets and electronics.

However, I am absolutely fed up with the cheap crap they sell. Without fail, 50% of the items I purchase at Fry's have to be returned because they're defective or don't work properly. I know that EVERY trip I make to Fry's will result in a second or third trip to return an item or two for replacement.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in San Diego, CA

It's bad enough to have to return items but today I was forced to purchase computer memory that had already BEEN returned once! While at the checkout, the sales associate informed me that their entire stock of this particular memory was "Open Item." I had no choice but to play Russian Roulette and purchase the already opened memory.

I also purchased a Artigo A2000 Barebone Storage PC system today. Both boxes on the shelf had been opened. Apparently I haven't learned NOT to purchase open items from Fry's because this item too doesn't work and has to be returned. So, like always, 50% of the items I purchased today have to be returned.

May I just say, I've never had this problem with BestBuy.

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