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I was standing in line to buy a product that was limited one per customer (for resale). The sales lady looked extremely disappointed when my family and I arrived at the counter.It was like she didn't want to be there. We had four DVD SPINDLES and was told that she would have to make four separate transactions (since it was one per customer and there was four of us). Once my brother paid for the first item she began to ring up the other item. when it was time to pay for the second item she said that i had to pay (but i said that my brother will pay for me - we where paying in cash for all transactions). She said that was not possible only someone other than my brother can pay (since he already bought the first item). At this point i was like "are you kidding me?" She was extremely dumb and didn't have the mental capacity to understand what i was saying (who cares who pays for it? it was in cash.) After she talked to the Supervisor she said "never mind' and continued to ring up all the items and we left.
When we reached outside we came back and tried to buy another four DVD SPINDLES. (At this time the sales lady was at another place.) As soon as I arrived at the counter (this time by myself to buy just one item) she imedietly call the Sales women I was with and said "don't give him another of the item cause he already bought one". I was like "so what?, I'm a customer' and this sales lady was complaining to the supervisor. So i was told i can't take anymore just one a day (even though i was told earlier by the manager that you take more that one item a day as long as I keep getting back in line with the one item) {so for example if i wanted to buy three items then i have to wait in line with the one item, ring it up and go get the next item and repeat the process} But what i can't understand is why a Sales Lady was so interested in making me look like i was stealing fro them? I am paying for the item.

My advice is to stay away from fry's electronics and Vanee Albert (sales lady). She needs to check her attitude or could use a different job - perhaps some where in the back where there isn't much human contact.

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  • Ju
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    You are the exact reason why they run out of sale (one per customer items) so damn fast. Buy ONE you greedy ###!

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  • I0
      17th of Feb, 2010

    what location is this so i can avoid it lol i don't understand why the hell it would matter how many you buy as long as they make money off of them right? i guess not

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  • Cb
      21st of May, 2010

    They don't make money on one-per-customer items is the thing. Those items are called "loss-leader items" and they are sold below market value in order to bring customers in to the store to pick up one, along with some other things they might hopefully need in the store, and that's where fry's makes its profit (with the other stuff they might happen to need). Supermarkets do that all the time with soda.

    Fry's has that one-per-customer rule so people can't go in there (be the first one in line), buy 500 of something (that's priced at a loss for the store to bring in foot traffic) and then resell them at a 50% markup and make a few thousand bucks.

    The policy is kind of bulky and annoying (get in line again and hopefully you get another cashier), but it's the best they can do to slow down the people who do this so that other customers (like Justinnn above for example) can hopefully buy one before this guy makes his 10th trip through the line with his family to finish emptying the shelf of those one-per-customer items.

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  • Cb
      21st of May, 2010

    The thing is that Fry's doesn't make money off it. Those items are called "Loss-Leader items", meaning they advertise and sell them on a certain day at or below market value in order to get customers to go in and buy ONE and hopefully buy something else at the same time that's marked at a normal price (so Fry's can still make a profit).

    Without that one-per-customer rule, one single customer can be the first in line and then go in and buy all 500 on the pallet (and resell them at a 50% markup on eBay), leaving a slew of pissed off customers who also waited in line and never got one. People still get around the rule by bringing their family's, paying in cash, and getting in line over and over, but the rule helps to slow down the resellers by making them get back in line (so hopefully other customers like Justinnnn can grab one before "pissed off customer" makes his 14 trip through the line with his family to clean out the isle.

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  • Su
      28th of Jul, 2011

    Really? Do you think you are entitled to more than one just because you have the money? There are rules set in place for reasons, not just to be annoying. I bet you dont use your signal light either because its your road and others should just get out of your way? I agree with that sales woman, and the fact that you had to add her NAME is disrespectful as she is only doing her job to keep bozo's like you from ruining all the fun for everyone else. Most "one item per customer" even goes so far as to say "per day" or "per location".

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