Fry's Electronicscon artists

Through several bad transactions with Fry's they have proven themselves just too devious in their dealings to be trusted any more.

The latest was with a rebate. Not in their newspaper ad, not on the price tag on their shelves (where the price, the rebate amount and the final price is outlined) nor on the rebate form printed at the cash register did it mention any other requirement, other than purchasing the item and submitting the required UPC, receipt and rebate form, to receive the rebate. Only after opening the software did I discover you needed to purchase tax software also to get the rebate.

I tried dealing with the local store's Returns Dept. and spoke with the department's manager, but they refused to allow the return of opened software.

It is Fry's responsibility to inform the customer through the ad, through the price tag on the shelf and through the printed rebate form that another purchase is required for a rebate to be good.

When they don't and then refuse to allow a return it can only be considered Shady Dealings


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